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Through Metabolon’s end-to-end service for all our products, from study design to data reporting, we ensure the maximum value, utility, and applicability of your data to advance your research objectives. We work with you every step of the way to make sure your samples are prepared, shipped, and processed to minimize error and ensure the highest quality of data possible, and we help you interpret that data so you can identify meaningful biological insights.

Your Metabolon Study Journey

When you start working with Metabolon, our team of experts will provide personalized study design and consulting to ensure your study will answer your specific research questions.

Once your study is booked with us, we help you protect the integrity of your samples for the most accurate and reproducible results through our complimentary Metabolon Study Success Sample Handling Kit. This kit, designed on best practices developed during over 20 years of best-in-class metabolomics study experience, provides the tools you need to make the process of collecting and sending samples to Metabolon quick, easy, and worry-free.

Our Client Success Team, in collaboration with your Sales Representative and Study Director, will work with you to manage sample shipment logistics, and once we receive your samples, your Study Director will create a detailed study plan informed by your study design that will guide us to deliver the highest possible quality of data and interpretation.

Your samples will be processed using protocols that adhere to U.S. Federal and International Standards and Regulations, so you can be confident that your study meets any required quality standards. And our in-house database of over 5400 biologically relevant small molecules paired with our unmatched coverage, competency, comparability, and capacity enables us to provide you with the greatest number of identified compounds with the highest possible confidence in the industry.

Through our best-in-class data interpretation services, you won’t just see a table with endless columns and values—you’ll see data you can understand, interpret, and use to further your research objectives. We also offer several options for simple, customizable data visualization, statistical analysis, and creation of publication-ready figures.

If you’re ready to experience state of the art metabolomics sample processing, world class data analysis and interpretation, and interactive collaboration from start to finish, reach out to us today.

Working With Metabolon

Personalized guidance at every step

1. Study Design
2. Sample Handling
3. Study Success Sample Kit
4. Platform Technology
5. Interpretation
6. Client Data Table
7. Data delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you support your clients?

Metabolon provides personalized guidance for study success at every stage of the process. Beginning with a study design consult, we set the stage for a successful study. Then, we offer guidance and tools for proper sample collection with the support of our Metabolon Study Success Sample Handling Kit. Once samples have gone through our laboratory process, reports may be visualized in the MyMetabolon portal. Some clients want deeper interpretation, so they work with our Discovery and Translational Science experts who elevate meaningful biological insights to narrate a comprehensive and credible story of your research discoveries.

Do you have expertise in my research area?

We have honed our expertise in metabolomics through more than 10,000 projects in 100 species and more than 500 diseases. The study of metabolites is translatable across species, across diseases. Metabolon offers the broadest view of the metabolome, our labs are ISO 9001:2015 certified, certified by CLIA and accredited by the College of American Pathologists for diagnostic testing on human specimens. Our institutional knowledge will guide you through a successful metabolomics study from the start by ensuring your study is properly powered, properly controlled and aligned to your research objectives.

How do you ensure sample and prep standards?

The quality of your sample is everything. Our Sample Prep team provides time-tested sample collection and handling guidelines for collection and storage, volumes requirements and tube selection to ensure you are prepped for success, right from the start.

Are your results reliable?

The biological insight from a study is only as good as the metabolite annotation – if you want the highest quality metabolomic insight you need the highest quality annotation. Our integrated bioinformatics solution makes it possible to efficiently and accurately mine the world’s largest, validated metabolomics compound library for every study, to ensure consistently reliable results, every time. Read more about our Tier 1 identification workflow.

What method do you use to study metabolites?

With more than 20 years under our belt studying the area of metabolomics, we have developed the most precise methods and tools to study metabolites from our global platform to innovative ways we are leveraging bioinformatics and machine learning to study the data. Metabolon’s proprietary LC-MS metabolomics platform is precisely powered to help detect more unique metabolites than any other platform. While LC-MS certainly requires more effort than other methods, the benefits of superior coverage of the total metabolome make the extra effort worthwhile.

How do you rise above the noise?

In untargeted metabolomics, the critical step to separating noisy ion features from insight is accurate metabolite identification (often also called annotation). We begin with the highest quality annotation supported by our highly trained curation staff that has the skills and technical expertise to confidently navigate large data sets to deliver a reliable, high-fidelity view of your results.

What are your quality standards?

We deliver robust quality assurance and quality control at every stage with a rigorous data governance program and adherence to valued U.S. federal and international standards and regulations.

Our robust Quality Management System (QMS) goes beyond internal quality assurance and quality control to include external certifications and adherence to those standards.

To learn more, visit our Quality Assurance page

Have More Questions?

See how Metabolon can advance your path to preclinical and clinical insights

Why Metabolon?

Once you see the full value of metabolomics, the only remaining question is who does it best? While many laboratories have metabolite profiling or analytical chemistry capabilities, comprehensive metabolomics technologies are extremely rare. Accurate, unbiased metabolite identification across the entire metabolome introduces signal-to-noise challenges that very few labs are equipped to handle. Also, translating massive quantities of data into actionable information is slow, if not impossible, for most because proper interpretation takes two things that are in short supply: experience and a comprehensive database.

Only Metabolon has all four core metabolomics capabilities



Ability to interrogate thousands of metabolites across diverse biochemical space, revealing new insights and opportunities



Ability to integrate the data from different studies into the same dataset, in different geographies, among different patients over time



Ability to inform on proper study design, generate high‐quality data, derive biological insights, and make actionable recommendations



Ability to process hundreds of thousands of samples quickly and cost‐efficiently to service rapidly growing demand

Partner with Metabolon to access:


A library of 5,400+ known metabolites, 2,000 in human plasma, all referenced in the context of biochemical pathways

  • That’s 5x the metabolites of the closest competitor

Unparalleled depth and breadth of experience analyzing and interpreting metabolomic data to find meaningful results

  • 10,000+ projects with hundreds of clients
  • 2,000+ publications covering 500 diseases, including numerous peer-reviewed journals such as Cell, Nature and Science
  • Nearly 40 PhDs in data science, molecular biology, and biochemistry

Using our robust platform and visualization tools, our experts are uniquely able to tell you more about your molecule and develop assay panels to help you zero in on the results you need.

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