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Metabolon deciphers thousands of discrete chemical signals from genetic and non-genetic factors to reveal biological pathways. We make connections where other omics cannot, and provide the definitive representation of the phenotype.

About Us

Our work measures inputs from internal and external factors such as health, disease, nutrition, microbiome, medication, pollution, and more, to drive success in answering scientific questions about health and disease.

Every day, we accelerate research that leads to successes in biopharma, population health, consumer products, agriculture, wellness, and academic and government research sectors. This work has enabled modern science to gain a foothold in our understanding of complex disease, ultimately leading to the creation of new treatments that impact individuals and communities globally. Our scalable, customizable metabolomics solutions provide support across the research continuum from discovery through clinical trials, to in-market life cycle management.

Transformational discovery

We reveal the mosaic of functional health through biochemistry, answering scientific questions with confidence.
  • Our metabolomics platform offers the most sensitive and complete data analysis methods for detecting biochemical change to deliver the most complete view of the phenotype
  • We set the standard for functional metabolite identification by offering four core capabilities – our 4Cs approach delivers on Coverage, Competency, Comparability, and Capacity
  • Metabolon’s established expert view on metabolomics has been published in 3,000+ publications
  • Metabolon provides quality control at every stage. Our rigorous data governance program and adherence to important U.S. federal and International standards and regulations to provide the precision and reproducibility necessary for your study success
Metabolomics scientists working in laboratory
Metabolomics proteomics scientist in laboratory

Amplifying insights

We leverage the data and our expertise to accelerate discovery to avoid roadblocks in development programs.
  • Our bioinformatics techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence provide a broader view, allowing our team of Data and Translational Science experts to interpret real-world insights and get to the root of your biological questions
  • With approximately 10,000 completed projects behind us, our institutional knowledge is unmatched

The Science of Life

We are passionate about evolving understanding of health as we know it, providing actionable insights that drive science forward.
  • Our commitment to client success begins with the study design consultMetabolon’s integrated workflows go beyond the data to deliver interpretation and actionable biological insights for customers
  • We are pioneering the science of metabolomics and deciphering mysteries of healthlike the microbiomewhere our unique view of the metabolome provides the language of pathways that influence disease and health
Genomics metabolomics analysis

Leadership Team

Rohan (Ro) Hastie, PhD, President & CEO Metabolon

Rohan (Ro) F. Hastie, Ph.D.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Gerald (Gerry) Haines III, Chief Financial Officer, Metabolon

Gerald (Gerry) M. Haines II

Chief Financial Officer

Karl Bradshaw, PhD, VP, Corporate Development, Metabolon

Karl Bradshaw

Chief Business Officer, Ph.D.


45+ PhDs

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Our team, our values

Our team works tirelessly every day to enable scientific discoveries that make a difference. We are committed to hard work, excellence and success through collaboration at every level. Our shared devotion to being the best at what we do to make a positive difference unites the contribution of every individual. These are the characteristics of our values: Purpose, Performance and Passion.

Metabolon recognized as a Great Place To Work 2023-2024

Metabolon Named a Great Place To Work® for 2023-2024

At Metabolon, we believe in a supportive workplace that values and invests in our associates. Our employees believe in our technology and mission to provide metabolomics solutions that advance a wide variety of applications. We are proud to be certified as a Great Place to Work® for 2023-2024 achieving an 83% rating from employees which is 26% higher than the US-based average.

Enlighten your research, accelerate your discovery.

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