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Metabolomics for Healthcare Applications

Metabolomics is an indispensable tool for capturing an integrative profile of an individual’s distinct metabolome. While existing omics techniques provide genetic and functional potential information, metabolomics goes a layer deeper by providing phenotypic information. It encompasses the complex interrelationship between genes, environment, and functional capacity. Metabolomics can provide a snapshot of the metabolic state of the entire organism as well as individual tissues, revealing how metabolic disease can drive inflammatory disorders and other comorbidities.

Disease research is constantly evolving and much remains unknown about individual risk factors. Metabolomics is now being widely used to identify biomarkers for the early detection, diagnosis, and prognosis of many diseases ranging from neurogenerative, cardiovascular, diabetes, and liver disease to name a few. It can and has identified several novel causes of various chronic diseases with previously uncharacterized etiologies, because it can probe complex biochemistry at both the cellular and organism levels as well as from both the host and environment (including the microbiome). This indicates that metabolites play a critical role in disease development, cellular signaling, and physiological control.

Read this application book to discover how Metabolon is advancing research in a variety of therapeutic areas and providing targeted insight that enables precision medicine and helps us better understand diseases.

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