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Metabolon’s Integrated Bioinformatics Platform

Metabolon’s state-of-the-art technology, supported by the most extensive library and meticulously curated pathways, is now bolstered with a new Integrated Bioinformatics Platform, enhancing actionable insight. Incorporating this Bioinformatics Platform with Metabolon’s unrivaled coverage and capability creates an unparalleled solution for metabolomics research worldwide.

Designed for investigators and biochemists.

Metabolon’s new Bioinformatics Platform assists researchers at all levels of expertise. The platform can handle very large datasets and helps you create high-impact, publication-ready charts and graphics without the need to code or format data.

One platform to answer many questions.

Leverage widely popular tools such as volcano plots, principal component analysis (PCA), partial least squares discriminant analysis (PLS-DA), heatmaps, clustering, pathway analysis, and our innovative, new Biomarker Lenses™ to achieve the best path to data insights.

Fully integrated and interpretation-ready.

Metabolon’s Integrated Bioinformatics Platform is included with all untargeted metabolomics service projects.

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Look Deeper.

Identify New Contextual Insights With Biomarker LensesTM

Apply disease and pathway lenses to your project to highlight analytes of significance. Biomarker Lenses™ provide a unique way of filtering and isolating analytes for deeper comparative and correlative analyses.

Getting Started: Clients can select from pre-defined lenses or create and save custom lenses to support bridging hypotheses across multiple projects and time points.

Pathway Analysis.

Explore, Enrich, and Visualize Pathways With Accurate, Relevant Biological Associations.

Access Metabolon’s collection of meticulously curated pathways to investigate links and associations to specific diseases and metabolic conditions in one location.

Explore diseases in relation to specific pathways to uncover valuable insights into how molecular changes are linked to various health conditions.

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Be Confident.

Powered by Our Unrivaled Annotated Metabolite Library.

Elucidate findings faster with the coverage and confidence of Metabolon’s proprietary metabolite library, capable of detecting, identifying, and quantifying up to 5,400 annotated analytes in a single biological sample.

Work Anywhere.

Multi-User, Multi-Site Collaboration.

With the platform in the cloud, you can create new users and invite them to your projects, then share saved views and filters to collaborate from anywhere in the world.

This enables remote and in-person collaborators to further the potential of their multi-centered study within one unified platform.

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Big Data? No Problem.

Metabolon’s Integrated Bioinformatics Platform is capable of handling high-dimensional data directly from the cloud.

Secure server hosting and powerful data-harmonizing algorithms help you quickly compute and filter large quantities of biological data without needing raw computing power.

Publication Ready.

Customize Your Data, Maximize Its Impact.

Take advantage of customization options to prepare your data for posters, presentations, and publications. Adjust colors, sizes, labels, and legends to make your plots and diagrams unique and more easily understood.

Note: All figures are available to export in high resolution .SVG formats.

Publication Ready
discover faster

Discover Faster.

Integrated, Interconnected, and Interpretation-ready.

Get immediate access to your data in pre-formatted, intuitive visualization tools so you can avoid the challenges of data processing and discover new insights faster.

All data provided from Metabolon’s Global Discovery Panel is available immediately within Metabolon’s Integrated Bioinformatics Platform.

“By combining our extensive industry experience with cutting-edge AI technology, we are empowering researchers to navigate complex data effortlessly and accelerate discoveries in the life sciences.”

Ray Moran, Ph.D. – Senior Director, Bioinformatics at Metabolon

Platform Features

Whether you are seeking answers to basic research questions or want to identify statistically significant associations between diseases and biological functions, the available features included in Metabolon’s Integrated Bioinformatics Platform can reduce your time for new insights.


Reveal biological patterns and reduce the complexity of high-dimensional data in a 2D scatter plot to facilitate a deeper understanding of biological systems.


Optimize the separation between study groups and derive discriminatory metabolites. Perform cross-validation and permutation testing for reliable and robust results.


Identify large-magnitude and statistically significant changes intuitively in large datasets to reveal the most biologically relevant metabolites in your study.


Group samples or analytes based on their similarities to reveal inherent structures and hierarchies within your data.


Observe biological processes and associations to identify new insights into disease mechanisms, therapeutic targets, and more.


Enhance the exploration of metabolomic data by focusing on metabolites associated with specific pathways, or diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on the role of bioinformatics within your Metabolon services, please read the frequently asked questions.

What is Bioinformatics?

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that combines biology, computer science, mathematics, and statistics to analyze and interpret biological data, particularly at the molecular level. Bioinformatics approaches are used to integrate and analyze data from multiple biological sources to model and understand complex biological systems and networks. Overall, bioinformatics plays a vital role in advancing our understanding of biology, facilitating biomedical research, and driving innovations in fields such as medicine and biotechnology.

How is bioinformatics useful for investigating metabolomics data?

Metabolomics approaches deliver a vast amount of data. Bioinformatics plays a crucial role in the investigation of this data by providing computational tools and methods to analyze, interpret, and derive insights. This enables the identification of metabolites associated with specific biological states and pathological conditions, ultimately contributing to a deeper understanding of biological processes.

What tools are available in Metabolon's Bioinformatics Platform?

Metabolon’s Bioinformatics platform includes commonly used multivariate analyses; PCA, PLS-DA, Hierarchical clustering, Volcano Plot, and Pathway analysis. Additionally, the platform includes Biomarker Lenses™, a unique tool, that enables advanced analytical filters to enhance the exploration of your data by grouping particular sets of metabolites tied together by shared characteristics such as pathway, disease, or interest.

How can I gain access to Metabolon's Bioinformatics Platform?

Users will have access to the Bioinformatics Platform and all its capabilities with the purchase of the Global Discovery Panel.

How do I demo the Bioinformatics Platform?

Users can demo the Bioinformatics Platform for free by registering to access our demo data here. If you would like a more in-depth walkthrough of our Bioinformatics Platform from a metabolomics expert, please reach out here.

How does Metabolon's Bioinformatics Platform differ from other tools currently available in the industry?

Metabolon’s Bioinformatics Platform sets itself apart by prioritizing the user experience. With a focus on seamless tool integration, customizable high-resolution figure creation, and real-time collaborative capabilities, researchers can effortlessly access and analyze data, making it the ideal choice for multi-centre trials and ensuring professional-grade outputs for effectively communicating your results.

Demo Our Bioinformatics Platform For Free.

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