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Diabetes Research Markers Targeted Panel

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About Diabetes Research Markers

Glucose-related metabolomic analyses are typically provided as global, untargeted metabolomics to detect and identify analytes in a sample, or targeted, absolute quantification of single metabolites.  But to advance further research, there are limited options available for quantification and forensic investigation of related analytes and contributing sources of diabetes—until now. The Metabolon Diabetes Research Markers Targeted Panel takes your understanding of 22 metabolites known to contribute to diabetes further than ever before, helping you discover new insights into what factors may play a significant role in affecting diabetes.

Further Your Understanding of Glucose Tolerance

The Metabolon Diabetes Research Markers Targeted Panel offers absolute quantitation of 22 metabolites in a single blood sample, allowing you to quantify the levels of key analytes recognized as bioactive promoters and detractors for healthy glucose metabolism.

This panel is an addition to Metabolon’s portfolio of glucose and insulin-related targeted panels and single analyte assays. It provides confident, reproducible quantification of key analytes used to distinguish healthy and pre-diabetic subjects (eg, creatine, 2-hydroxybutyric acid), as well as lactoyl-phenylalanine which has been linked to several metabolic diseases, including diabetes. 

 The panel is a valuable new tool in your kit to explore the glucose tolerance phenotype using the power of metabolomics.

Working with Metabolon

With over 20 years of experience helping commercial and academic researchers gain insights from metabolomic analyses and with over 3,000 citations in scientific journals, Metabolon is leading the way in applied metabolomics solutions worldwide.   

Metabolon experts guide you every step of the way.  From study design to sample collection, we give our customers confidence in the data from every metabolomic study.  We also offer insights into the data so that you can more easily make conclusions and plan your future research more decisively.   

Quality is at the core of everything we do. We strictly adhere to quality standards and regulations, clinical laboratory practice guidelines, and FDA and EMA regulations, where applicable, so you can be confident in our ability to match your quality standards.

Diabetes Research Markers Targeted Panel Details


Metabolite Plasma (µg/mL)
Glycine 1.25
Serine 1.25
Valine 2.50
Leucine 2.00
Isoleucine 1.25
Phenylalanine 1.25
Tyrosine 1.25
Creatine 0.500
Pantothenate 0.0200
Trigonelline 0.0100
Hydroxyisovaleroyl carnitine 0.0100
2-Hydroxybutyric acid 0.500
3-Hydroxyisobutyric acid 0.125
3-Hydroxybutyric acid 0.500
3-Methyl-2-oxopentanoic acid 0.500
4-Methyl-2-oxopentanoic acid 0.500
Oleic Acid 10.0
3-Methyl-2-oxobutyric acid 0.500
α-Ketoglutaric acid 0.300
α-Ketobutyric acid 0.0750
Linoleoyl-LPC 2.50
Lactoyl-phenylalanine 0.125

*Lower Limit of Quantitation (LLOQ) varies for each sample type.

Analysis Method and Instrumentation

LC-MS/MS (Agilent 1290 UHPLC/Sciex QTrap 5500)

Sample Type and Required Amounts
Sample Type Sample Requirements
Plasma ≥ 150 µL

Others on request

Disclaimer: This panel is for Research Use Only and is not to be used for diagnostic purposes.

Delivering Absolute Quantification for Research and Biomarker Analysis

Our readily available or custom developed quantitative assays help you achieve your research and biomarker validation objectives with precise and fully validated methods. Our targeted assays and panels cover >1,000 metabolites and lipids across a wide range of biochemical classes, metabolic pathways, and physiological processes, and they can be customized to best fit any application.

Applications for the Diabetes Research Markers Targeted Panel


Diabetes is a serious metabolic condition affecting more than 37 million Americans and 460 million people worldwide according to the most recent report from the Centers for Disease Control. Despite being a worldwide epidemic, much remains unknown about individual risk factors for diabetes development, and research is currently being done to identify new and effective treatment for diabetes at all stages. By facilitating assessment of specific metabolic pathways impacted by diabetes, targeted metabolomics can be a critical tool used to identify biomarkers of disease development for early intervention and novel targets to control disease progression, as well for the development of new pharmaceuticals with specific mechanisms of action.


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