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About the Global Discovery Panel

Metabolon’s LC-MS global metabolomics technology provides a high-fidelity, reproducible analysis of the current-state of a biological system to help identify pharmacodynamic, efficacy, and response biomarkers and reveal changes in key biological pathways. Metabolon’s unmatched chemical library, metabolomics platform, and expertise identifies, tracks, and maps the different classes of metabolites and pathways that inform your study and reveal meaningful actionable insights.

Delivering Absolute Quantification for Research and Biomarker Analysis

Our readily available or custom developed quantitative assays help you achieve your research and biomarker validation objectives with precise and fully validated methods. Our targeted assays and panels cover >1,000 metabolites and lipids across a wide range of biochemical classes, metabolic pathways, and physiological processes, and they can be customized to best fit any application.

Untargeted Metabolomics Presents a System-wide View

If the genome can be considered the most foundational of systems biology approaches in drug discovery metabolomics and personalized medicine, the metabolome can be considered the most functional. If your molecule has a specific effect in an organism, metabolites leave the clearest fingerprint of those effects.

The key to unlocking any biological system is to consider every factor impacting the phenotype—genetics, diet, environment, disease, drug exposure, and the microbiome all exert their influences by altering metabolite levels.

Delivering the Confidence of a Complete Picture

Incomplete metabolomic coverage creates a fragmented and anecdotal view that leads to uncertainty and misleading conclusions. Metabolon’s industry leading coverage and quality accurately identifies over 5,400 metabolites, providing the most comprehensive mechanistic view of the underlying biology for complete, accurate, and confident interpretation that delivers knowledge, not just data.

Unlocking the Full Power of Genomics

Metabolomics integrates many other sources of biological variability (clinical measurements, genomics, etc.), to provide deep insight. As the definitive representative of a phenotype, it is the final piece of multi-omics solution, helping to triangulate upstream gene expression and downstream function of metabolites and lipids to substantiate the identities of molecular entities and provide greater confidence in the importance of a particular biochemical pathway.

Discover Our Integrated Bioinformatics Platform

Discover meaningful biological insights within your metabolomics data supported by a robust knowledge base. Streamline your research and reduce your time to insight with Metabolon’s new Bioinformatics Platform. Six fully integrated analytical tools empower you to analyze and interpret your data with customizable visualizations. Seamlessly transition between different data tools to see the whole picture and get the most out of your analysis.


Big Insights with Metabolon

Cited in over 3,000 publications, we help scientists and manufacturers gain greater insight into their studies through metabolomics. See how our approach can become a successful part of your workflow.

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