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Why Metabolon?

At Metabolon, we’re committed to helping our customers get the most out of their research—and that means never missing out on important insights. We achieve this through our world-class expertise and service across six critical areas.


Data visualization plays a pivotal role in metabolomics, offering a powerful means to interpret complex biological data generated from high-throughput analytical techniques. Data analysis tools such as PCA, PLS-DA, Volcano Plots and Hierarchical Clustering require powerful visualizations to enable researchers to break down complex datasets into interpretable insights. At Metabolon, we provide multiple options for our customers to both explore and make sense of their data. Click to read more about how we help customers take the guesswork out of their results.

Number of Peaks per Metabolite


Metabolon’s in-house database of over 5400 biologically relevant small molecules enables us to provide the greatest number of identified compounds with the highest possible confidence in the industry. Click here to read more about Metabolon’s Metabolomics Standards Initiative I and how our customers benefit.


Sample normalization in metabolomics is key to accurate metabolite quantitation for deriving meaningful biological insight. Click to read more about the importance of quantitation and how Metabolon ensures accurate normalization so our customers can derive the maximum biological insight.
Metabolomics Normalization for Relative Quantitation


According to our clients, Metabolon’s best-in-class data interpretation services—provided by our experienced team of over 20 PhD-level study directors — have been the critical factor in their research success. Click to learn more about the four levels of interpretation offered with our Global Discovery Panel.


Even small research errors can have significant consequences to your research. At Metabolon, we offer the most comprehensive assortment of quality certifications of any metabolomics provider, adhering to U.S. Federal and International Standards and Regulations. Click to learn more about Metabolon’s method validation services.
Quality - Standards & Regulatory Coverage
Streamlined Quality Control

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

At Metabolon, we leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automatically recognize data patterns and extract insight. Click to learn more about how we use artificial intelligence and machine learning for streamlined quality control, faster data curation, and continued knowledge expansion.

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