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Results of your metabolomic analysis using Discovery Panels are delivered in the MyMetabolon portal. The portal offers revolutionary data analysis tools to help you visualize and identify metabolites of significance in your sample and the impact those metabolites have on your pathways of interest.

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Uncover Functional, Actionable Insights with Metabolon

Easily parse large amounts of data to make the most of your metabolomics study. Our new tools empower you to use your metabolomics data to uncover novel insights and advance your research.

The Discovery Panel Report
Impact Explorer
Metabolite Profile Finder

The Discovery Panel Report

Within the Discovery Panel Report, you can visualize all detected metabolites in a bubble plot. You can select statistical comparisons, adjust the p-value, flip the fold change, and search for a metabolite of interest from the toolbar at the top. You can also explore the significantly up- and- down-regulated metabolites. Within the bubble plot, quickly identify metabolites of significance and click those metabolites to learn more. The user can also download an image of the bubble plot repurposed for redistribution outside the MyMetabolon portal.

Discovery Panel Report

Impact Explorer

Impact Explorer is the next step in diving deeper into your Discovery Panel data. Select up to six statistical comparisons to view within the heliogram visualization, which is a reimagining of a heatmap of metabolite fold changes grouped by pathway and organized in a circular view. You can click on specific metabolites or associations and view the relationship between the groups. Additionally, you can download an image file for any view you find interesting in the heliogram.

Impact Explorer

Metabolite Profile Finder

The Metabolite Profile Finder can be used to explore a specific metabolite or pathway of interest. Both can be accessed by clicking the Profile Finder tab, or by navigating from the Discovery Panel Report tab. In the Metabolite Profile Finder, you can see an overview of the metabolite of interest. This page includes links to PubChem, KEGG, and HMDB for further education. You can also view how that metabolite was statistically represented in each of the study comparisons. Finally, you can also see the associations linked to a given metabolite.

Metabolite Finder

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