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Metabolomics provides a unique, real-time fingerprint of your biological system to reveal novel discoveries and realize the promise of precision medicine.

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Amino Acids Targeted Panel

Your Introductory Guide to Metabolomics

This is a comprehensive guide developed to teach you the ins and outs of one of the most powerful omics tools in any scientist’s toolbox, one that can complement any existing workflow and help realize the full potential of other omics methods: metabolomics.

metabolomics study design

Designing a Successful Metabolomics Study

In this series, we walk you through everything you need to know to ensure the success of your metabolomics study, including what to expect when working with Metabolon, at every step of the way—from designing your study to interpreting your data.

Metabolite Encyclopedia

Metabolites have a wide range of functions, including cell growth support, defense and inhibition, and stimulation. They include amino acids, alcohols, vitamins, polyols, organic acids, and many other types of molecules, and are often the building blocks for larger compounds.

Drug Development Metabolomics

Identify, clarify, confirm

Novel drug development is riddled with scientific uncertainties and financial risk. Metabolomics can improve your program’s chance for success by providing a comprehensive methodology to precisely illuminate the impact of your molecule in vivo and accelerate the drug development process.


Identify novel pharmacodynamic, efficacy, and response biomarkers


Clarify or define the mechanism of action (MOA)


Triangulate upstream gene expression and downstream metabolite function to confirm individual biochemical pathways in response to your molecule

Female Mass Spectrometrist in Metabolomics Laboratory
Male Scientist Reviewing Sample Tubes in Metabolomics Lab

Microbiome Metabolomics

Crack the functional code

Genomic sequencing can reveal microbiome richness and diversity—which and how many microbes are present in a microbiome—but stops short of revealing how microbes behave or their interaction with the host. Metabolomics reveals the critical next level of understanding by providing an instantaneous snapshot of microbial function, its impact on the host, and response to therapeutic intervention.

Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS)

Build a Disease Atlas

Determining gene function and ascertaining important allelic differences are great challenges in genomic research. Metabolites are a sensitive and strong link between genes and disease phenotypes. Genomics researchers who incorporate metabolomics into GWAS studies can identify the allelic differences that matter and their mechanistic role in complex traits. The use of metabolomics increases understanding of disease and helps identify new opportunities for therapeutic intervention.

Clinicians analyzing data

Enlighten your research, accelerate your discovery.

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