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You can see your projects within MyMetabolon on the Project List page. If you are a new user of the Portal, then you will see a list of demo projects that you can explore. Clicking a project from the list will take the user to the data associated with that project. If you click on a project that is not complete, then you will be taken to the Client Onboarding Experience. If your project has been completed then you will be taken to the Project Homepage, explained below.

My Project List

Project Homepage Overview

The Project Homepage gives you a high-level overview of your project including the number of samples, number of unique metabolites detected, and the number of statistical groups within your study. From the Project Homepage you can navigate to your Data Deliverables, explained below, or the Bioinformatics Platform to further explore your data.

Results Tab

Within the Results tab you can download any Data Deliverables associated with your Global Discovery Panel analysis. Depending on your research needs, this could include the data tables, statistical heatmap, box and line plots interpretive report, and graphics file which are personally created by our in-house metabolomics experts.


Stats Table Tab

The Stats Table displays a heatmap containing the statistical analysis. Statistical comparisons are selected by our Statistics team to best match the experimental groups, timepoints, metadata, and acquired metabolomics data. The data contained in the statistical heatmap table consists of the fold-changes of the means for the various statistical comparisons, with statistically significant comparisons colored red (higher) and blue (lower). You can toggle between your different data sets within the stats table and sort the results based on different biochemical pathways or fold changes. The heatmap is also exportable so you can do your own offline analysis.

Stats Table

Pathway Explorer

The Pathway Explorer is a great way to dig deeper in your results for biological significance. Within the Pathway Explorer you can toggle between different data sets and statistical comparisons to explore the changes contextualized in biological or biochemical pathways. Additionally, you can export your project’s pathway visuals for offline use.

You can also dive deeper into the pathway map by expanding the menu on the left side of the map to find specific small molecules, pathways, or even view pathway enrichment data.

Pathway Explorer


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