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Untargeted Metabolomics

With more than 20 years of experience and continuous innovation, Metabolon has created the most advanced system for measuring and understanding the metabolome. Our untargeted metabolomics technology allows you to cast a wide research net to assess health, whether influenced by genes, the environment, epigenetics, or the microbiome. Our reference library contains 5400+ metabolites across 70 major biochemical pathways, bringing you a definitive representation of your phenotype of interest.

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The Metabolome: The Foundation of Health

Our biochemical composition—the type and quantity of small-molecule metabolites circulating in our bodies—is central to our phenotype. Major health factors, including genes, diet, lifestyle, and environment, exert their influence by subtly changing our biochemical composition, known as the metabolome. Therefore, measuring changes in the metabolome is crucial to our understanding of health and the factors that influence health. While biochemistry’s fundamental utility has been accepted for over a century, accurately measuring the metabolome has been difficult due to the quantity and diversity of biochemicals in any given biological system. Now, advances in the profiling technology known as metabolomics are unlocking the power of biochemistry for life sciences researchers and clinicians.
The Metabolome: The Foundation of Health
Unlocking Biochemistry with Metabolomics

Unlocking Biochemistry with Untargeted Metabolomics

Metabolomics is the study of chemical processes involving metabolites, the small-molecule intermediates and products of metabolism. It is a first-line phenotyping tool that tracks alterations in metabolite levels and maps them to the appropriate biochemical pathways, improving our understanding of health and the influences of diet, drug treatment, genetics, or lifestyle. Genomics often reveals only predisposition of risk of disease. Metabolomics offers a snapshot of the current state of health, providing actionable information that helps advance research and clinical decision-making.

Global Discovery Panels: Where Knowledge Comes to Life

Metabolon’s metabolomics technology delivers the highest level of confidence in the annotation (Level 1) and can detect and identify over 5,400 metabolites within any biological sample. Our sophisticated and precise analysis of the metabolome detects endogenous metabolites and those deriving from the microbiome, lifestyle, or environmental factors (eg, food, drugs, and chemicals). Cited in more than 3,000 peer-reviewed publications, our proven technology has enabled thousands of researchers from biopharma, consumer goods, academia, and population health organizations to make novel discoveries—revealing critical insights that have advanced scientific research around the world.

Metabolon’s unmatched chemical library and biological interpretation expertise make it possible to identify, track, and map metabolites across 70 major biochemical pathways. Incomplete metabolomic coverage creates a fragmented view that may lead to uncertainty and unreliable conclusions. You can have confidence that Metabolon will deliver the most comprehensive mechanistic view of the underlying biology of your subject with complete, accurate, and reliable interpretation that delivers knowledge, not just data.

Where Knowledge Comes to Life

Untargeted Metabolomics’ Utility Across the Life Sciences

The phenotyping power of metabolomics makes it a pivotal tool for understanding living systems and has a wide variety of applications, including:

Cardiovascular Disease
Liver Disease
Personal Care & Cosmetics
Population Health
Precision Medicine
Renal & Urological Disorders
Respiratory Disorders
Veterinary & Animal Health

See how Metabolon can advance your path to preclinical and clinical insights

Why Metabolon?

Once you see the full value of metabolomics, the only remaining question is who does it best? While many laboratories have metabolite profiling or analytical chemistry capabilities, comprehensive metabolomics technologies are extremely rare. Accurate, unbiased metabolite identification across the entire metabolome introduces signal-to-noise challenges that very few labs are equipped to handle. Also, translating massive quantities of data into actionable information is slow, if not impossible, for most because proper interpretation takes two things that are in short supply: experience and a comprehensive database.

Only Metabolon has all four core metabolomics capabilities



Ability to interrogate thousands of metabolites across diverse biochemical space, revealing new insights and opportunities



Ability to integrate the data from different studies into the same dataset, in different geographies, among different patients over time



Ability to inform on proper study design, generate high‐quality data, derive biological insights, and make actionable recommendations



Ability to process hundreds of thousands of samples quickly and cost‐efficiently to service rapidly growing demand

Partner with Metabolon to access:


A library of 5,400+ known metabolites, 2,000 in human plasma, all referenced in the context of biochemical pathways

  • That’s 5x the metabolites of the closest competitor

Unparalleled depth and breadth of experience analyzing and interpreting metabolomic data to find meaningful results

  • 10,000+ projects with hundreds of clients
  • 2,000+ publications covering 500 diseases, including numerous peer-reviewed journals such as Cell, Nature and Science
  • Nearly 40 PhDs in data science, molecular biology, and biochemistry

Using our robust platform and visualization tools, our experts are uniquely able to tell you more about your molecule and develop assay panels to help you zero in on the results you need.

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