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Metabolomics for Academic Research

To accelerate academic research, metabolomics applications can be leveraged to capture the complexity of entire metabolic networks. Metabolomics data provides valuable insights into the dynamic and multi-faceted nature of metabolism, offering researchers a powerful tool to unravel biological complexity, discover novel biomarkers, and accelerate scientific discoveries across diverse fields of study. Through translational research initiatives, academics collaborate with industry partners, healthcare providers, and policymakers to accelerate the development of innovative therapies, diagnostics, and preventive interventions.

Overall, metabolomics has emerged as a transformative technology in academic research, driving innovation, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration, and paving the way for novel discoveries with far-reaching implications for human health and biomedical science. Discover some key ways in which Metabolon’s metabolomics services have influenced academic research and supported the rigorous grant application process below.

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Successful Grants Start with Metabolon

In the competitive landscape of scientific research, securing funding through grant applications is essential for academic researchers to pursue investigations. However, crafting a compelling grant proposal requires not only innovative ideas but also robust scientific support. It often takes months of planning and coordination from many collaborators.

Elevate Your Research: Partner with Metabolon for Expert Study Design and Unmatched Metabolomics Insight

Metabolon can play a crucial role in providing the expertise and resources necessary for researchers to enhance the quality and competitiveness of their grant applications.

Metabolon will help you design a study that answers your specific research questions to improve confidence, reduce the risk of failure, and make more informed decisions, to ultimately save you time.

Our long history with academic research has resulted in more than 3000 peer-reviewed publications, many in high-impact journals, including Nature and Science.

We have honed our expertise in applications of metabolomics through more than 10,000 studies, covering a comprehensive range of research areas.

Our team of experts can also assist with preparing the following to make your metabolomics study a success:


Letters of support

Metabolon’s Letter of Support includes the details of the proposed services relevant to your grant submission.


Grant proposal resources

Metabolon will provide various supporting resources to facilitate a seamless experience with us.


Manuscript preparation

Metabolon will work with you to prepare your manuscript related to our metabolomics services including methodology, data analysis, and results.


Expert interpretation

Based on your chosen level of service, Metabolon can provide advanced data analysis and interpretation of metabolomics results.

Metabolon Drives Scientific Breakthroughs

Insights into Disease Mechanisms
Biomarker Discovery and Diagnostic Tools
Drug Development and Pharmacology
Nutritional and Food Science
Microbiome Studies
Systems Biology and Integrative Omics

Insights into Disease Mechanisms

Metabolomics provides researchers with a holistic view of cellular metabolism, enabling the identification of metabolic alterations associated with diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and neurological conditions. By analyzing changes in metabolite profiles, researchers gain insights into disease mechanisms, biomarker discovery, and potential therapeutic targets.

Biomarker Discovery and Diagnostic Tools

Metabolomics has emerged as a powerful tool for biomarker discovery, offering the potential for non-invasive and early disease detection. Academic researchers utilize metabolomics to identify metabolic signatures or biomarkers associated with specific diseases or physiological states, facilitating the development of diagnostic tests and personalized medicine approaches.

Drug Development and Pharmacology

Metabolomics plays a crucial role in drug development and pharmacology, aiding in the evaluation of drug efficacy, toxicity, and metabolism. Researchers use metabolomics to study drug-induced changes in metabolic pathways, identify biomarkers of drug response or adverse effects, and optimize therapeutic interventions. Metabolomics also contributes to drug target identification and validation, guiding the development of novel pharmaceutical agents.

Nutritional and Food Science

Metabolomics is applied in nutritional research to investigate the effects of diet, dietary supplements, and nutritional interventions on metabolism and health outcomes. Academic researchers utilize metabolomics to characterize metabolic responses to different dietary patterns, identify biomarkers of nutrient intake or deficiency, and explore the impact of food components on metabolic health. Metabolomics also plays a role in food science and quality control, facilitating the analysis of metabolite profiles in food products and the detection of food adulteration or contamination.

Microbiome Studies

Metabolomics contributes to the study of the gut microbiome and its interactions with host metabolism. Academic researchers use metabolomics to characterize the metabolic activities of gut microbes, identify microbial metabolites with potential health effects, and investigate the role of the microbiome in disease development and progression. Metabolomics also provides insights into the metabolic cross-talk between host and microbial metabolism, shaping our understanding of the gut-brain axis, immune modulation, and metabolic disorders.

Systems Biology and Integrative Omics

Metabolomics data are integrated with other omics datasets, such as genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics, to achieve a comprehensive understanding of biological systems. Academic researchers employ systems biology approaches to model complex metabolic networks, identify key regulatory pathways, and elucidate the interconnectedness of molecular processes. Integrative omics studies enable researchers to uncover novel biological insights and unravel the complexity of human health and disease.

Publication Search Tool

Interested in learning more about the research Metabolon has contributed to? Use our Publication Search Tool to browse a vast repository of over 3,000 peer-reviewed publications spanning various disciplines and applications within metabolomics.

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Metabolon offers a variety of metabolomics services to further your discovery across the research continuum from untargeted to targeted solutions. Explore these related products below.

Untargeted Metabolomics

Global Discovery Panel

Metabolon’s Global Discovery Panel provides the industry’s broadest class coverage from a single sample.

Targeted Panels

Targeted Metabolomics

Custom Targeted Panels and Single Analyte Assays can be developed and validated in practically any matrix.


Bioinformatics Platform

Take advantage of our bioinformatics platform to prepare your data for posters, presentations, and publications.

Why Metabolon?

Cited in over 3,000 publications, we help scientists and manufacturers gain greater insight into their studies through metabolomics. See how our approach can become a successful part of your workflow.

Only Metabolon has all four core metabolomics capabilities



Ability to interrogate thousands of metabolites across diverse biochemical space, revealing new insights and opportunities



Ability to integrate the data from different studies into the same dataset, in different geographies, among different patients over time



Ability to inform on proper study design, generate high‐quality data, derive biological insights, and make actionable recommendations



Ability to process hundreds of thousands of samples quickly and cost‐efficiently to service rapidly growing demand

Partner with Metabolon to access:


A library of 5,400+ known metabolites, 2,000 in human plasma, all referenced in the context of biochemical pathways

  • That’s 5x the metabolites of the closest competitor

Unparalleled depth and breadth of experience analyzing and interpreting metabolomic data to find meaningful results

  • 10,000+ projects with hundreds of clients
  • 2,000+ publications covering 500 diseases, including numerous peer-reviewed journals such as Cell, Nature and Science
  • Nearly 40 PhDs in data science, molecular biology, and biochemistry

Using our robust platform and visualization tools, our experts are uniquely able to tell you more about your molecule and develop assay panels to help you zero in on the results you need.

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