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Client Onboarding Experience

Client Onboarding Experience Overview

The Client Onboarding Experience provides you with a seamless way to manage your sample shipment to ensure the quickest turnaround time on your project while maximizing flexibility to fit your project timeline. Within the Client Onboarding Experience, you are able to adjust your sample ship date, upload and format your sample manifests, and confirm receipt of your samples within our lab. This gives you the greatest transparency through the process and provides visibility for you and our client success managers.

Sample Shipping Tab

When entering the Client Onboarding Experience, you can confirm or adjust your ship date within the Sample Shipping Tab. If you need more time to collect your samples you can easily adjust your ship date which will automatically update the metabolomics experts working on your project.

Study Setup Sample Shipping

Manifest Upload Tab

Once you are ready to ship your samples you can upload your sample manifest document directly into the portal. Utilizing this tool will help ensure your sample manifest is correctly formatting which will reduce any delays in sample processing or data delivery. If you do not already have a sample manifest, you can also download a sample manifest from this tab within the Client Onboarding Experience. Once your manifest has been uploaded you can either add another manifest or continue to the next tab to view tracking and receipt info about your shipment.

Study Setup Manifest Upload

Tracking & Receipt Tab

On the Tracking & Receipt tab, you can update the title of your manifest, select a shipping provider, and add the tracking ID for your shipment. You can save changes and come back to this page at any time.

Tracking and Receipt

Client Onboarding Resources

All the resources you need to progress through the client onboarding process can be found in the Resources tab. On the Resources tab you can download a manifest template and find information regarding rules for international shipping.



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