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Biomarker LensesTM

Biomarker LensesTM Overview

Biomarker LensesTM in Metabolon’s Bioinformatics Platform are tools that enhance the exploration of metabolomic data by parsing the data into more digestible pieces. Biomarker LensesTM accomplishes this by grouping the metabolites associated with specific biological functions, pathways, or diseases, thus allowing users to focus on the most relevant areas of biology in the context of their study. The concept of Biomarker LensesTM stems from the need to sift through the vast array of metabolites and identify the multiple relationships metabolites have to pathways and diseases. The Biomarker LensesTM available within Metabolon’s Bioinformatics Platform include Pathway Biomarker LensesTM, Disease Biomarker LensesTM, and Custom Biomarker LensesTM.

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Biomarker LensesTM within Our Bioinformatics Platform

By incorporating the Biomarker LensTM feature into the Bioinformatics Platform, researchers can gain insight into metabolomic data’s specificity and relevance more quickly. This integration empowers researchers to navigate the intricacies of metabolomics with increased precision and clarity. Whether investigating intricate metabolic networks, probing disease-related alterations, or constructing bespoke metabolite groupings, Biomarker LensesTM serve as a pivotal instrument in the metabolomics toolkit.

R Hierarchical Visualization

Predefined Biomarker Lenses™ are arranged in a hierarchical tree structure. Clicking on a Biomarker Lens™ (i.e., a node in the tree of that specific tab) displays its constituent metabolites in the table under the tree. If the selected Biomarker Lens™ contains intermediate Biomarker Lenses™, then a sunburst diagram showing the breakdown of the clicked-on lens and other child Biomarker Lenses™ under it are shown. This provides an immediate visual representation of the Biomarker Lens™ hierarchy.

R Save Time

Biomarker Lenses™ enable you to parse large datasets into digestible pieces by providing a starting point for you to explore the diverse areas of biology that metabolomics data sets report on. The Biomarker Lens™ tool in Metabolon’s Bioinformatics Platform is designed to refine metabolomic analysis by isolating specific metabolic or disease-related subsets of data.

R Get the Most Out of Your Data

The Biomarker Lens™ tool in Metabolon’s Bioinformatics Platform represents a powerful and flexible feature designed to enhance your analytical capabilities within the application.

Elucidate Biological Meaning

Pathway and Disease Biomarker Lenses™
Ability to shortlist/star Biomarker Lenses™
Ability to Create Custom Biomarker Lenses™
Seamless Integration Across the Platform
Enhancing analytics depth and flexibility in visualization

Pathway and Disease Biomarker Lenses™

The Biomarker Lens™ explorer section offers a rich collection of pre-defined Pathway and Disease Biomarker Lenses™, each representing a unique set of metabolites associated with select pathways and diseases. You can browse this library to find Biomarker Lenses™ that match your area of interest, facilitating a more directed analysis. PubMed IDs are available as references that support the inclusion of a given metabolite in a Disease Biomarker Lens™.

Ability to shortlist/star Biomarker Lenses™

You can visit the Biomarker Lenses™ Explorer section of the tool and star Biomarker Lenses™ that are appropriate for your analysis. This includes the curated lists of disease and pathway lenses allowing for a focused perspective that aligns with your research or analytical goals. Starring Biomarker Lenses™ enables you to efficiently highlight metabolites of interest across the various tools in the Bioinformatics Platform.

Ability to Create Custom Biomarker Lenses™

Recognizing your diverse needs and specific research questions, Metabolon’s Bioinformatics Platform empowers you to create your own custom Biomarker Lenses™. A custom Biomarker Lens™ can be created and then applied to the parts of the application where applicable. You can use the custom Biomarker Lens™ table and filter any way you wish from the global set of metabolites, allowing for creative visualizations on the tools. By selecting and combining metabolites of interest, you can craft Biomarker Lenses™ that perfectly fit your unique analytical requirements, enabling a highly personalized exploration of the data.

Seamless Integration Across the Platform

Once a Biomarker Lens™ is selected, whether it is a pre-defined or custom Biomarker Lens™, its filtering effect is seamlessly applied across various tools and plots within the Bioinformatics Platform. This global context feature means that you don’t have to repeatedly select your preferred Biomarker Lens™ for each new analysis or data visualization, ensuring a cohesive and uninterrupted analytical experience.

Enhancing analytics depth and flexibility in visualization

By viewing data through various Biomarker Lenses™, you can gain a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of metabolomic interactions and their implications in different biological contexts. Whether investigating specific disease pathways, exploring novel hypotheses, or validating research findings, the Biomarker Lens™ tool stands as a cornerstone of the Bioinformatics Platform’s user-centric approach to metabolomic data analysis.

Biomarker LensesTM Features

Pathway Biomarker LensesTM

Pathway Biomarker LensesTM are defined by a linked series of chemical reactions that occur in a defined order within or between cells and lead to a known function or end product. Utilizing these Biomarker LensesTM allows researchers to visualize perturbations in metabolites that participate in defined biochemical processes, providing insights into metabolic pathways.

Disease Biomarker LensesTM

Like Pathway Biomarker LensesTM described above, Disease Biomarker LensesTM are predefined sets but are focused on metabolites known to be associated with diseases. By employing Disease Biomarker LensesTM, you can filter data to uncover how metabolite profiles correlate with disease states, aiding in biomarker discovery and the understanding of disease mechanisms.

Lens Explorer_Disease Overview

Custom Biomaker LensesTM

Custom Biomarker LensesTM offer the flexibility to create personalized filters. Users can define their own Biomarker LensesTM by grouping metabolites based on their research needs, such as a set of metabolites of interest or those that respond to a particular treatment. This feature empowers users to tailor the analysis to their unique investigative focus.

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