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Working with Metabolon – Study Design

Kasia Broniowska Ph.D discusses the importance of good study design, for a successful metabolomics study.

Video Transcript

Starting very early in the planning process with the client helps us ensure that we incorporate all the elements of the study design.

The three important components of the study design are defining the the clear objective of the study, utilizing strong elements of the study design, and then powering the study appropriately.

Defining the clear objective basically means what kind of question is asked, what our clients want to accomplish with a metabolomic experiment.

Going into experiment, we really need to have this clear objective of what needs to be accomplished at the end of the day.

Working with clients from very early on helps us design the appropriate experiment that increases the chances of success, increases the likelihood of having good data. When you work with Metabolon on study design, we offer our expertise, and this expertise is based on thousands of studies that we have completed over the years, because of it we have a really good understanding of the factors that are related to successful experiments and can help investigators in ensuring that experiments are properly powered, properly controlled, which at the end of the day maximizes the chances of successful data.

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