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Transitioning from Untargeted to Targeted Metabolomics

Transitioning from Untargeted to Targeted Metabolomics

In this short presentation, Dr. Heino Heyman, Global Field Metabolomics Manager at Metabolon, discusses different metabolomics approaches to help identify patterns within biology and the ideal way to transition from untargeted metabolomics data to a targeted approach to help further your research. Dr. Heyman provides an overview of metabolomics services provided by Metabolon including a deeper look into the importance of confidence in your data and metabolite identifications. This presentation also includes an overview of a recent case study where metabolomics was used to identify microbial metabolites that could impact autism.

In this webinar you will learn:

    • Receive a brief introduction to Metabolon’s range of metabolomic services from untargeted approaches to targeted approaches
    • Deep dive into Metabolon’s solution for lipidomics, the Complex Lipid Targeted Panel
    • Explore how targeted metabolomics was used to identify microbial metabolites that could lead to behavioral improvements in autism spectrum disorder



Heino Heyman, Ph.D.

Global Metabolomics Applications Lead at Metabolon


Dr. Heino M. Heyman is an industry-leading metabolomics expert, co-author of more than 40 publications, and consultative advisor to hundreds of metabolomics studies across the spectrum of life science research. Heino began his metabolomics journey in 2010, utilizing metabolomics to expedite the discovery of active constituents in natural products and to enhance the understanding of resilient crops. In 2015, he joined the Integrative Omics team at Pacific Northwest National Lab, WA, where he broadened the application of metabolomics across diverse sectors, including human, microbial, plant, and soil metabolomics. Following his postdoctoral studies, Heino joined the scientific instrument manufacturer and small molecule research organization, Bruker Scientific as a Metabolomics Applications Specialist, assisting in the promotion and demonstration of ion-mobility mass spectrometry instruments to advance metabolomics research outcomes. In 2020, he joined Metabolon, deepening his involvement in translational science informed by metabolomics. Since 2023, he has been leading a team of metabolomics experts as Global Metabolomics Applications Lead, supporting researchers and biochemists to achieve more actionable and translational insights from metabolomics data.


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