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OMNImet™·GUT from DNA Genotek, validated by Metabolon

At-Home Collection Made Easy.

We’ve collaborated with DNA Genotek to deliver the first and only device designed for ambient-temperature storage and stabilization of human fecal samples for metabolomic analysis.

Easy, private, comfortable collection
Improve patient experience and compliance with self-collection of high-quality fecal samples, with no clinic visit or at-home sample freezing required.

Store and transport without freezing
DNA Genotek’s proprietary stabilization solution protects the integrity of the sample at ambient temperature for up to four days, eliminating cumbersome and costly cold-chain storage and shipping.

Validated for Metabolon’s global metabolomics and short chain fatty acid targeted assay
Our validation studies have shown OMNImet·GUT protects and preserves the metabolomic profile of collected samples up to 4 days at room temperature for Metabolon’s Global platform, while short-chain fatty acid (SFCA) profiles are maintained for up to 7 days at room temperature for our SFCA targeted panel.

Supports a multi-omics approach
OMNImet·GUT has the same user experience as other devices from DNA Genotek. This provides a familiar and tested method of at-home collection to reliably implement a multi-omics approach in your research.

Metabolon study success
OMNImet·GUT tubes are barcoded for sample traceability and compatibility with Metabolon’s Study Success Sample Handling Kit. These are supported as a Metabolon Preferred option for human fecal samples to achieve the fastest and most reliable results.

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