Any Panel, Any Matrix: Flexible Offerings to Support Your Research

Any Panel, Any Matrix: Flexible Offerings to Support Your Research

Metabolomics can provide insight into the biological workings of an individual or organism, offering a real-time view of health and disease. Analyzing the metabolome reveals details related to health and disease from both intrinsic factors, like genetics, and extrinsic factors, such as the environment or diet. At Metabolon, we partner with you in your metabolomics research, no matter the source of the analyzed material.

We offer three levels of validation: exploratory, research use only (RUO), and clinically validated (to GCP/GCLP standards).

Certified Method Development Chart

Metabolon offers three levels of service, all with Metabolon’s quality and expertise. Exploratory panels can use any panel with any analyte matrix.

We offer over 30 validated panels with quantitative/semiquantitative assessments of metabolites ranging from single metabolite analysis to arrays of over 1,000 analytes. Each panel is validated to RUO or clinical standards for one or more matrices, most commonly plasma or serum.

Validated Matrices Graph

Most of our panels are validated to RUO standards or higher for human plasma or serum. Exploratory panels give you the option to use any matrix for your research.

Going Beyond Validated Panels

Are you interested in using one of the targeted panels on our website but in an application that hasn’t been validated yet? Exploratory panels let you go beyond the validated panels by using these panels with any matrix. Exploratory panels are backed by our industry-leading technology to give specific, accurate results with no carryover. The only limitation is biological: are your target analytes present in the chosen matrix?

Exploratory or Validated?

The next step in preparing your experiment is to decide whether to run your experiment entirely with an exploratory panel or to have Metabolon perform validation. Validation will make your matrix and panel combination RUO-certified, with the additional stability and accuracy testing that goes with it. Validation is worth considering if you’re planning a long-term experimental pipeline with many rounds of analysis or developing a routine analysis workflow. Validation only has to happen once: on completion, the panel/matrix combination will be available at RUO level for all future experiments.

Running your analysis as an exploratory panel is a cost-effective option powered by Metabolon’s industry-leading technology. For new applications, Metabolon can help you reduce risk with an affordable range-finding service before committing to a full experimental workflow. Instead of running an entire experiment, we can run an analysis on a few samples to determine the presence of your target analytes in your chosen matrix. This offering does not return quantitative data but confirms the detection of your targets and can give you the confidence you need to submit your full-scale exploratory panel, with or without validation.

Learn more about our validated panels and contact us to discuss your research needs.

Our team is made up of over 45 PhDs, has been published 3,000+ times, and is committed to hard work, excellence, and success through collaboration. With over 1,300 clients and 10,000 projects, Metabolon has been a trusted partner of researchers for over two decades.


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