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Learn about metabolites and biochemical pathways. Our knowledge and expertise together with external references serve as the basis for comprehensive descriptions and a baseline interpretative guide for your results.

Metabolite Profile

See informative classification along with external reference links. Get a metabolite-centered view of your data with our detail-rich displays. Explore the connections within your results through Pathway Associations.

Comparison Data
  • Most Significant: lowest p-value
  • Largest Upregulation: largest fold-change above 1
  • Largest Downregulation: largest fold-change between 0 and 1

Quickly view information about a metabolite’s detection, including:

  • Percent Fill: the total percent of samples in an experimental group a metabolite was detected.
  • Main Effects: indicates significant (p ≤ 0.05) ANOVA effect (if applicable in the study design)

    View the interconnected power of the metabolome by exploring associated pathways underpinning biological function.

    Biochemical Pathway Profile

    Get a functional view of your data by exploring related biochemical pathways and quickly make connections to your study aims. The comprehensive pathway knowledge base gives you easy access to relevant biochemical pathways.

    Metabolon SmartPanel Profile Pathway
    Pathway Map
    Metabolites Table

    Get functional context with metabolic pathway maps that are focused on the Discovery Panel’s topic of interest. These pathways have been created by our Discovery and Translational Science (DTS) team and are backed by peer-reviewed scientific literature.

    See a list of the metabolites from the Discovery Panel that are a part of the selected pathway. Sort by name, total significant comparisons, significantly upregulated comparisons, and significantly downregulated comparisons. View a metabolite profile by clicking on a metabolite.

    Metabolism: Read an interpretive description of the pathway, its biochemical interactions, and important intermediaries. This report focuses on the pathway’s relevance to the Discovery Panel topic . Reference links for each finding may provide context and inform follow-up studies.

    See how Metabolon can advance your path to preclinical and clinical insights

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