Jackson, Matthew I., et al. Docosahexaenoate-enriched fish oil and medium chain triglycerides shape the feline plasma lipidome and synergistically decrease circulating gut microbiome-derived putrefactive postbiotics, Plos One. (2020)

The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of medium-chain fatty acid-containing triglycerides (MCT), long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid-containing triglycerides, and their combination on the plasma metabolome of cats (Felis catus), including circulating microbiome-derived postbiotics. After a 14-day lead-in on the control food, cats were randomized to one of four foods (control, with 6.9% MCT, with fish oil [FO; 0.14% eicosapentaenoate, 1.0% docosahexaenoate], or with FO+MCT; n = 16 per group) for 28 days. Analysis of plasma metabolites showed that the addition of FO and MCT led to synergistic effects not seen with either alone across a number of lipid classes, including fatty acids, acylcarnitines, and acylated amines including endocannabinoids. Notably, the FO+MCT group had an increase in ketone body production relative to baseline and beyond that seen with MCT alone. N-acyl taurines, the accumulation of which has been implicated in the onset of type 2 diabetes, were significantly decreased in the FO+MCT group. Significant decreases in the gut microbiome-derived postbiotic classes of indoles/indolic sulfates and phenols/phenolic sulfates were observed only the FO+MCT group. Overall, the combination of MCT and FO led to number of changes in plasma metabolites that were not observed with either oil alone, particularly in postbiotics.


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