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Closer To The Phenotype Podcast

Closer to the Phenotypeis a podcast where scientists discuss and debate new discoveries in published research with a focus on the use of metabolomics to take the next step in multiomics. Hosted by Bobby Wiggs and brought to you by Metabolon.

Metabolomics Podcast

Episode 1 – Vaccine Optimization

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Brian Keppler about a 2020 paper in the Journal of Biotechnology regarding “Coupling metabolomics analysis and DOE optimization strategy” by Lin et al. Tune in as we discuss the implications that this paper has on COVID-19 research and rapid vaccine development.

Episode 2 – Aging and the Microbiome

In Episode 2, we talk to Dr. Tom Wilmanski, Alex Forrest-Hay, and Dr. Dennis Mook-Kanamori about Tom’s paper, Gut Microbiome Pattern Reflects Healthy Aging and Predicts Extended Survival in Humans. Tune in as we discuss the implications of your microbiome composition on longevity.

Episode 3 – Machine Learning and Metabolomics

In Episode 3, we talk to Bill Lefew and David Foster about Deep Neural Networks for Classification of LC-MS Spectral Peaks, a 2019 publication from Analytical Chemistry. Tune in as we discuss machine learning techniques for metabolomics analysis and the future of data processing in the big data era.

Episode 4 – Metabolomics using Mass Spec

In this Episode 4, we talk to Annie Evans and Kenny Andersen about three papers by Annie: Integrated, Nontargeted Ultrahigh Performance Liquid Chromatography…; Categorizing Ion –Features in Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry…, and High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Improves Data Quantity and Quality… Join us as we discuss the foundational basis for Metabolomics and consider what the future holds for the technology.

Episode 5 – Ambient temperature fecal collection 

In our fifth episode, we talk to Dr. Freinkman of Metabolon and Dr. Breton of DNAGenotek about three papers trying to establish a metabolomics method for ambient temperature fecal collection.
Join us as we discuss Loftfield et al, Lim et al, and Wang et al as well as why the new OMNIMetTM.Gut device was developed by DNAGenotek.