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Product Feedback Policy

Our Approach to Product Feedback

Metabolon is deeply committed to enhancing products through valuable insights and feedback from our clients, customers, team members, and prospects. We believe that your ideas and experiences are essential in guiding our product development efforts.

We use your feedback to identify critical features, innovative ideas, pain points, and growth opportunities. This collaborative approach ensures that we provide you with a more efficient and effective product experience.

How to Give Us Your Product Feedback

Providing your feedback is a seamless process at Metabolon.

Submitting Feedback: We encourage you to utilize the Feedback portal located within the MyMetabolon portal for sharing your thoughts, insights, and ideas. You can access this platform through this link or by navigating to the MyMetabolon Portal, clicking the red question mark button, clicking Feedback, and submitting your feedback.

What Happens to Your Product Feedback?

At Metabolon, we have a structured process for handling your feedback, allowing us to make informed decisions and prioritize effectively.

Awaiting Feedback: When you submit your feedback, it will initially be set to the “Awaiting Feedback” status. This status encourages more users to provide information and vote on your requests, helping us gauge demand, collect use cases, and assess potential impact and value.

Product Feedback Meetings: Every quarter, our Product Teams convene for a product feedback meeting. During these sessions, we discuss and prioritize the most crucial requests from our customers, team members, and prospects. We evaluate these requests based on popularity, impact, and resources.

Status Updates: As we review your requests, we will promptly update their status in Pendo, ensuring that you stay informed about their progress. If we decide to implement a feature or improvement, the status will change to “Planned” or “Building,” and the request will be added to our product plan. You can subscribe to feedback submissions, ensuring you receive real-time updates on the status of ideas you’ve submitted or chosen to follow. You will also be updated if a comment or question is left in the comment section of your feedback submission. Make sure to check the email associated with your MyMetabolon portal account for emails coming from [email protected].

Transparent Communication: Our product feedback portal always provides up-to-date information about our products and plans. We are committed to offering clear explanations for any status updates.

If you prefer to reach out directly to our Support or Customer Success teams, they can assist you in finding relevant ideas, although they may not have additional information or estimates regarding the review timeline.


How long will it be before the product team reviews my idea? 

Our product specialists review items monthly, allowing us to prioritize and update requests regularly. Quarterly roadmapping meetings help us align these requests with our strategic goals. To increase the likelihood of your request being considered, ensure it is clear, concise, and easy for others to understand and prioritize.

My request has not been reviewed yet, and I submitted it 6+ months ago. What can I do? 

If your high-priority request has not been reviewed within six months:

Make sure your request stays at the top of your priority list.

Clarify your request’s significance by explaining why you need it, what it prevents you from doing, and its potential impact. You can add these details in a comment on your idea.

We greatly appreciate your feedback, understanding, and support as we collaborate to create the best possible products at Metabolon!

Is there a limit to the number of feedback submissions I can make? 

There is no limit to the number of feedback submissions you can make. We encourage you to share your ideas and experiences as often as needed to help us improve our products continually.

Will I receive updates on the status of my feedback submission? 

Yes, if you subscribe to a submission (yours or other submissions you want updates on) you will receive updates via the email associated with your MyMetabolon portal account from [email protected]. We aim to keep you informed about the progress of your requests.

Can I edit or withdraw my feedback after submitting it? 

Yes, you can edit or withdraw your feedback after submission. If you have additional information or wish to modify your request, simply navigate to the MyMetabolon portal, and update it within the Pendo Feedback platform.

How are feedback submissions prioritized? 

Feedback submissions are prioritized based on a range of factors, including the number of votes, the alignment with our product and company strategy, resources, and the potential impact on our user community. Clear and detailed submissions are more likely to receive attention.