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We've revolutionized metabolomics into a health assessment technology that advances precision medicine and life sciences research.


Precision Metabolomics™

At Metabolon, the challenges in advancing health meet the strength of Precision Metabolomics™. This industry-leading technology combines unparalleled sensitivity and specificity with many patented features to provide the broadest metabolite coverage and highest quality data possible.

Metabolomics is the study of chemical processes involving metabolites, the small-molecule intermediates and products of metabolism. Clients use our unique technology to promote wellness, identify diseases, discover biomarkers and better understand gene function and complex biological processes.

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Almost every factor affecting health – from genetics and the microbiome to disease and lifestyle – exerts its influence by altering metabolite levels. By producing the most accurate, comprehensive picture of the metabolome, we provide the actionable insights to help you make a difference. 

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