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Unique Advantages of Incorporating Untargeted and Targeted Metabolomics in Drug Development and Clinical Trials

How United Therapeutics leverages metabolomics to get closer to the phenotype increasing confidence in clinical trial decisions

Deeper Understanding of COVID-19 Phenotypes Through Metabolomics: A Panel Discussion

How are researchers studying COVID-19 using metabolomics to get closer to the phenotype?

Untargeted Metabolomics in Feces a Functional Readout of Gut Microbial Activity

Featuring Annie Evans, Ph.D

Secret Weapon – Interrogating Host Pathogen Interactions with Precision Metabolomics

Featuring Geoffrey Feld, Ph.D

Quality Control and Assurance in Untargeted Metabolomics

Featuring Annie Evans, Ph.D

Precision Metabolomics: Current State and Future Plans

Featuring Luke Miller, Ph.D

Overcoming Challenges in Microbiome Research: A Panel Discussion

Featuring Nikole E. Kimes, PhD, President, CEO & Co-founder at Siolta Therapeutics, Eran Segal, Ph.D., Professor at Weizmann Institute of Science, and Greg Michelotti, Ph.D, Scientific Director of Biology at Metabolon, Inc.

Metabolomics as a Leading Technology in Biomarker Discovery

Featuring Dr. Brian Keppler, Ph.D

Metabolomic Approaches in NASH and NAFLD R&D

Featuring Dr. Jamie Bates of Gilead Sciences and Dr. Kari Wong of Metabolon

How Metabolomic Profiling Can Unlock Gene Function & Provide Biological Insight

Featuring Gregory Michelotti, Ph.D

Harnessing the True Power of Metabolomics with the 4Cs

Featuring Greg Michelotti, Ph.D, Annie Evans, Ph.D, and Kirk Beebe Ph.D

Global Metabolomics & Diabetes: Stories from the Bench to the Clinic

Featuring Kirk Pappan, Ph.D

Mechanisms of Immune Control and Metabolomics

Featuring Vinay Pawar, Ph.D and Ujjwal Neogi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Virology, Karolinska Institutet and Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Medicine, University of Missouri

Power Your Study For Success

Our experts talk about our well-established best practices and client support solutions that ensure you research the guidance and insights you require to advance your research objectives.

Reflections of the Human Gut Microbiome in the Blood Metabolome

Featuring Sean Gibbons, Ph.D, Assistant Professor at ISB, and Greg Michelotti, Ph.D, Scientific Director of Biology at Metabolon

Understanding Viral Infection & Optimizing Vaccine Development with Metabolomics

Featuring Brian Keppler, Ph.D

Metabolomics and the Microbiome Revolution: Critical Innovations to Unlock Gut Microbial Function in Human Health

Explore how metabolomics enables a unique and critical understanding of gut microbiome function in vivo as well as how recent technical innovations help overcome cold-chain requirements and other challenges related to the collection, storage, and shipping of human fecal metabolomic samples.

Driving COVID-19 Research Forward

Featuring Patricia Sheridan, Ph.D and Dr. James R. Heath, President and Professor at Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle (ISB)

Answering Common Questions About Metabolomics

Featuring Kari Wong, Ph.D, Michael Fanelli, and Vinay Pawar, Ph.D

Metabolomics in Bioprocessing: Enabling Understanding & Control of Active Biology

How metabolomics can be applied across the bioprocess lifecycle from process development to monitoring to gain biological insight and facilitate the development, implementation, and execution of robust and reproducible bioprocesses.

See how Metabolon can advance your path to preclinical and clinical insights