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Untargeted Metabolomics: Parsing Large Amounts of Data to Make the Most of Your Metabolomics Study

​Untargeted metabolomics data has proven to be very valuable across a variety of research areas. However, the vast amounts of data generated from untargeted approaches can make utilizing metabolomics a daunting task.

We have developed new focused Discovery Panels to help you narrow your scope of analysis while maintaining the data integrity of most of the metabolites at Level 1 detection. To make data analysis easier, we have also developed revolutionary data visualization tools to help you make sense of the metabolites detected and their impact on biological pathways.

In this webinar, our experts will introduce you to our three new Discovery Panels, the Biological Stress Discovery Panel, the Liver Fibrosis Discovery Panel, and the Kidney Function Discovery Panel. We will also provide an in-depth look at the new MyMetabolon Portal data tools.

You Will Learn:

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How Metabolon has developed methods that emphasize reproducible accuracy
  • The thought process behind the development of bioinformatics tools
  • How you can leverage our expertise and experience for answers in your lab

Greg Palczewski, Ph.D.

Greg Palczewski is a Sr. Study Director within our Discovery and Translational Science team. With 130+ published reports, experience in diagnostic development, AgBiome, and a Ph.D. focused on mammalian metabolism, he brings his diverse skillset to tackle biological challenges.


Priya Ramamoorthy, Ph.D.

Priya Ramamoorthy is a Director within our Discovery and Translational Sciences team with a strong background in translational sciences and metabolomic research, over 15 years of combined experience in both academia and industry, and a proven track record of leading successful research projects and teams. As a director, she is involved in the analysis of complex metabolomic data and collaborates with scientists and clinicians to advance the adoption of metabolomics for biomarker discovery and elucidation of key molecular mechanisms.


Andrew Schwab, Ph.D.

Andrew Schwab is an accomplished scientist in the fields of stem cell biology, biochemistry, and neuroscience. As a Senior Study Director within our Discovery and Translational Science team, Andrew specializes in planning, coordinating, and interpreting metabolomic studies for academic and pharmaceutical clients across a wide range of disease and therapeutic areas. Prior to Metabolon, Andrew worked at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where he focused on developing novel in vitro model systems to study chemical effects on blood-brain barrier and neural development. Andrew loves to use his positive attitude and tireless work ethic to encourage the adoption of metabolomics across various research areas and markets.

Parsing Large Amounts of Data - WEBINAR


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