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Advancing Drug Discovery with Metabolomics – Virtual Lunch & Learn

Metabolomics, the study of small molecules called metabolites produced or used by cells in biology, provides powerful data that can accelerate the pursuit of novel discoveries in all areas of life sciences, From disease research, to drug development, nutritional sciences, and environmental sciences, metabolomics provides unique insights, not possible to obtain from other omics, and complimentary insights when combined in a multiomic study.

Watch our virtual lunch and learn session hosted by Metabolon, where we delved into the transformative field of metabolomics and its critical role in drug discovery and development. Our experts provided an introduction to metabolomics, deep dive into the role metabolomics plays in multiomics research, and discussed the utility of this technology through a new case study.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Gain expert knowledge from leaders in the field of metabolomics. 
  • Discover practical applications of metabolomics in drug discovery. 
  • Understand how metabolomics can complement your existing research methodologies. 
  • Enhance your research capabilities with cutting-edge insights.


Dr. Katie Steward, Ph.D.
Introduction to Metabolomics: Dr. Katie Steward from Metabolon provides an overview of metabolomics, detailing how this field reflects biochemical activity within cells and offers unique insights into a system’s functional status.
Integration with Multiomics Approaches: Understand how metabolomics integrates seamlessly with other omics data (Proteomics, Genomics, etc.), serving as a definitive representation of a phenotype and a key component in systems biology.
Case Study:
Discovery of DRP-104, A Tumor-Targeted Metabolic Inhibitor Prodrug
Explore how metabolomic profiling was instrumental in the development of DRP-104: By analyzing the biochemical changes in tumor cells, researchers identified key metabolic pathways that could be targeted for cancer therapy.
Mechanism of Action: Understand the innovative approach of using tumor-specific proteases to activate DRP-104 within cancer cells, ensuring targeted delivery and reducing toxicity to healthy tissues.
Impactful Results: Delve into the compelling preclinical results showing DRP-104’s effectiveness in inhibiting tumor growth and improving survival rates, especially when used in combination with Anti-PD1 therapy.
Validated by Metabolomics: Discover how global metabolomic profiling validated DRP-104’s targeted action by revealing significant shifts in metabolic pathways, paving the way for new combination therapies and enhancing the overall understanding of tumor biology.
Metabolon’s Expertise: Learn how Metabolon’s advanced metabolomic technologies and comprehensive data analysis capabilities enabled the precise identification of metabolic shifts in tumor cells, leading to the successful design of DRP-104.
Metabolon’s Offerings: Learn about Metabolon’s comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to support metabolomic experiments, providing unparalleled insights for your research needs.



Katie Steward, Ph.D.

Field Metabolomics Scientist at Metabolon

Katie Steward has been working in analytical chemistry for over fifteen years. A mass spectrometry expert, Katie has worked across a variety of application areas, including agriculture, academia, and human health research. Katie’s academic career focused on metabolomics and proteomics to interrogate systemic variability in a myriad of different biological systems. She joined Metabolon in 2022 as a Field Metabolomics Scientist to help bring high-fidelity data to researchers spanning disciplines from drug discovery to crop yield optimization. Marrying the small molecule profile with other omics and analyzing data from a new perspective are what excite Katie the most about metabolomics.


Sinem Taylor

Business Development Director - San Diego

Sinem Taylor is an enthusiastic sales professional with a strong background in life sciences and genomics. With over 10 years of industry experience, she is passionate about helping researchers and organizations harness the power of metabolomics to advance scientific discoveries.


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