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On Demand: Introducing Metabolon’s Integrated Bioinformatics Platform

Integrated Bioinformatics Platform

Access to large volumes of high-quality biological data has changed the scope and potential for all life science research.

While data generation is becoming easier to attain, achieving data insights remains an industry-wide challenge. When the cost of failure can be billions of dollars in investment, and delays can impact the development of life-saving drugs by years, choosing a bioinformatics solution becomes a critical consideration within the design of your study.

Some standalone bioinformatics tools are available to support data analysis and visualization. While they can help to assist in transforming large amounts of data into biological insights, they are limited in features and/or require an advanced knowledge of coding languages to truly derive value from your time and effort.

So, how can scientists integrate their data with bioinformatics to achieve their research objectives quickly and confidently?

In this webinar, Heino Heyman, Ph.D. unveils Metabolon’s new Integrated Bioinformatics Platform and demonstrates the power and control it puts into every researcher’s hands.

In this webinar you will learn:

    • Go Deeper: Learn how Metabolon’s new Integrated Bioinformatics Platform can enrich your findings and isolate significant and associated analytes across a vast library of curated disease and analyte pathways.
    • Endless Visualization: Explore how you can conduct comparative and correlative analysis using an array of unique visualization tools, from PCA, PLSDA, and volcano plots to clustering, heatmaps, pathways, and many more.
    • Biomarker Lenses™: Apply advanced analytical filters and investigate your data faster with Biomarker Lenses™; use pre-validated disease lenses or customize your own lens to support bridging hypotheses across multiple projects.
    • Cloud Collaboration: Effortlessly collaborate with your peers anywhere in the world with bioinformatics in the cloud.
    • The future of bioinformatics: Learn how multiomics projects can benefit from the available features in the platform, today.

Metabolon’s new Integrated Bioinformatics Platform reduces the complexity of big data and accelerates time to insights. Join us and explore how Metabolon can elevate your research objectives, today.


Heino Heyman, Ph.D.
Heino Heyman, Ph.D.
Introducing Metabolon’s Integrated Bioinformatics Platform – Overview, Features, Tools, and Benefits
Joey Gardner, Ph.D.
Demonstration - Biomarker Lenses™ Overview
Demonstration - Pathway Analysis Overview
Heino Heyman, Ph.D.
Underpinning Our Bioinformatics Platform – Metabolon’s Technology and Analytical Services
Heino Heyman, Ph.D.
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Heino Heyman, Ph.D.

Global Metabolomics Applications Lead at Metabolon


Dr. Heino M. Heyman is an industry-leading metabolomics expert, co-author of more than 40 publications, and consultative advisor to hundreds of metabolomics studies across the spectrum of life science research. Heino began his metabolomics journey in 2010, utilizing metabolomics to expedite the discovery of active constituents in natural products and to enhance the understanding of resilient crops. In 2015, he joined the Integrative Omics team at Pacific Northwest National Lab, WA, where he broadened the application of metabolomics across diverse sectors, including human, microbial, plant, and soil metabolomics. Following his postdoctoral studies, Heino joined the scientific instrument manufacturer and small molecule research organization, Bruker Scientific as a Metabolomics Applications Specialist, assisting in the promotion and demonstration of ion-mobility mass spectrometry instruments to advance metabolomics research outcomes. In 2020, he joined Metabolon, deepening his involvement in translational science informed by metabolomics. Since 2023, he has been leading a team of metabolomics experts as Global Metabolomics Applications Lead, supporting researchers and biochemists to achieve more actionable and translational insights from metabolomics data.


Joseph Gardner, Ph.D.

Senior Bioinformatician at Metabolon


Dr. Joseph Gardner is an accomplished bioinformatics scientist specializing in metabolic modeling and multi-omics analysis. Joey began his career investigating the role of metabolism in promoting community dynamics of nitrogen an carbon fixing cyanobacteria. Using this knowledge, he transitioned into engineering soil microorganisms for application to industrial crops at Joyn Bio, a collaboration between Bayer and Ginkgo Bioworks. Subsequently, he moved towards human health, using multi-omics in pursuit of stratifying metabolically regulated rheumatoid arthritis patients. This has led him towards working with metabolomics as a key factor in multi-omic study design and he joined the Metabolon team in 2023 to help develop bioinformatics tools and drive research into the field.