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Metabolomics Applications in Immunotherapy and Gene Therapy Research

Metabolomics has proven demonstrable value in genome-wide associated studies (GWAS), gene therapy, and immunotherapy studies. Metabolic phenotyping has been growing in popularity to perform standalone research and as part of crucial multi-omics datasets. , Join Metabolon, the global leader in metabolomics, to discuss applications related to immune and gene therapies, focusing on recent case studies with novel findings.

During this webinar, hosted by Chip Beckwith, Metabolon’s field metabolomics scientist, Katie Steward, Ph.D. will explore case studies across different T-cell and AAV-mediated gene therapy research areas.

You will learn:

  • How metabolomics paves the way for clinically relevant interventions in immunotherapy research
  • The role of metabolomics in enhancing small molecule and biologics development
  • How to assess phenotypic response in biological systems      
  • How to identify targets for therapeutic intervention   
  • How to extract value from multi-omics research  
  • What informs bioprocesses for optimized performance and outcome

Chip Beckwith, Ph.D.

William (Chip) has been in the SF Bay area helping biotech and pharma clients for 16 years. Chip believes in customer service and is a tireless customer advocate. He understands that helping our clients make the most of their data is the only path really. When not working, Chip and his wife are intrepid explorers, hikers, and adventurers often found hiking the SF Bay area and beyond.


Katie Steward, Ph.D.

Katie Steward has been working in analytical chemistry for over fifteen years. A mass spectrometry expert, Katie has worked across a variety of application areas, including agriculture, academia, and human health research. Katie’s academic career focused on metabolomics and proteomics to interrogate systemic variability in a myriad of different biological systems. She joined Metabolon in 2022 as a Field Metabolomics Scientist to help bring high-fidelity data to researchers spanning disciplines from drug discovery to crop yield optimization. Marrying the small molecule profile with other omics and analyzing data from a new perspective are what excite Katie the most about metabolomics.

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