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Advancing Life Science Research & Improving Health

Our readily available or custom-developed quantitative panels help you achieve your research and biomarker validation objectives with precise and fully validated methods. Our targeted panels and single analyte assays cover >1000 metabolites and lipids across a wide range of biochemical classes, metabolic pathways, and physiological processes, and they can be customized to best fit any application.

    The phenotyping power of metabolomics makes it a pivotal tool for understanding living systems and has a wide variety of applications, including:

    • Biomarker Discovery
    • Disease Taxonomy and Diagnosis
    • Diagnostic Test Development
    • Tracking Drug and Nutrient Effects
    • Identifying Targets for Drug Development
    • Bioprocess Optimization
    • Value Extraction from Genomic Research

    Learn how Metabolon can unlock the incredible power of biochemistry to enlighten your research, and accelerate your discovery.

      metabolomics advancing life science research


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