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January 2024 Publication Summary of Studies Using Metabolon’s Panels and Services

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The new year has started with a significant list of publications using metabolomics within their respective scientific endeavors; the metabolomic data supporting these studies was generated using Metabolon’s Global Discovery Panel and related services.  The major areas of focus included neuroscience, cardiovascular, metabolic disease (diabetes, cardiology), and infectious disease.  Metabolomics brings novel inference and insights to multiomic analysis, highlighting its synergies for gene-centric scientific exploration. While much of biological research has historically centered on genes and their roles in health and disease, integrating metabolomics offers a more dynamic view of biology that includes how genes are expressed and function within the context of complex biological systems. Furthermore, analyzing metabolomics datasets with advanced statistical methods, including regression analysis and Mendelian randomization, helps reveal how small molecules might be linked to certain traits or conditions. Advanced statistics provide the ability to uncover the functional phenotype and mechanisms of action.

See the publications published in January 2024 below, or browse all publications supported by Metabolon using our Publications Tool.

High Impact Journal Publications

Mosley JD, Shi M, Agamasu D, et al. Branched-chain amino acids and type 2 diabetes: a bidirectional Mendelian randomization analysis. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2024;32(2):423-435. doi:10.1002/oby.23951

Liu S, Zhong H, Zhu J, Wu L. Identification of blood metabolites associated with risk of Alzheimer’s disease by integrating genomics and metabolomics data. Mol Psychiatry. Published online January 12, 2024. doi:10.1038/s41380-023-02400-9

Bai Y, Camargo CM, Glasauer SMK, et al. Single-cell mapping of lipid metabolites using an infrared probe in human-derived model systems. Nat Commun. 2024;15(1):350. Published 2024 Jan 8. doi:10.1038/s41467-023-44675-0


  1. Zubiri-Gaitán A, Martínez-Álvaro M, Blasco A. Caecal metabolomics of two divergently selected rabbit lines revealed microbial biological mechanisms involved in intramuscular fat deposition.; 2024.
  2. Zhang X, Gong H, Chen P, Chen Z, Chang Z. The Integration Analyses of Transcriptomes and Metabolomes Revealed the Effect of Dietary Tannin on the Ammonia Stress Responses of Litopenaeus Vannamei. Zhao and Chang ….


  1. Peclat TR, Agorrody G, Colman L. Ecto-CD38-NADase inhibition modulates cardiac metabolism and protects mice against Doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity. Cardiovascular …. // 2024;doi:10.1093/cvr/cvae025/7589532
  2. Philip N, Yun X, Pi H, Murray S, Hill Z. Fatty acid metabolism promotes TRPV4 activity in lung microvascular endothelial cells in pulmonary arterial hypertension. … of Physiology-Lung …. // 2024;doi:10.1152/ajplung.00199.2023
  3. Adriouch S, Belda E, Swartz TD, Forslund S, Roy TL. The Gut Microbiome Strongly Mediates the impact of Lifestyle combined variables on Cardiometabolic Phenotypes. medRxiv. // 2024;doi:10.1101/2024.01.12.24301195.abstract


  1. Mosley JD, Shi M, Agamasu D, Vaitinadin NS. Branched‐chain amino acids and type 2 diabetes: a bidirectional Mendelian randomization analysis. . // 2024;doi:10.1002/oby.23951
  2. Brady EM, Cao TH, Moss AJ, Athithan L. Circulating sphingolipids and relationship to cardiac remodelling before and following a low-energy diet in asymptomatic Type 2 Diabetes. BMC Cardiovascular …. // 2024;doi:10.1186/s12872-023-03623-y
  3. Rizo-Roca D, Guimaraes DS, Pendergrast LA. Decreased sarcomeric mitochondrial creatine kinase 2 impairs skeletal muscle mitochondrial function independently of insulin action in type 2 diabetes. bioRxiv. // 2024;doi:10.1101/2024.01.11.575194.abstract
  4. Abrosimov R, Baeken MW, Hauf S, Wittig I, Hajieva P. Mitochondrial complex I inhibition triggers NAD+-independent glucose oxidation via successive NADPH formation,“futile” fatty acid cycling, and FADH2 …. GeroScience. // 2024;doi:10.1007/s11357-023-01059-y
  5. Luo K, Chen GC, Zhang Y, Moon JY, Xing J. Variant of the lactase LCT gene explains association between milk intake and incident type 2 diabetes. Nature …. // 2024;
  6. Zhang Y, Sun J, Wasserman HD, Adams JA. A structure-function analysis of hepatocyte arginase 2 reveals mitochondrial ureahydrolysis as a determinant of glucose oxidation. Cellular and Molecular …. // 2024;


  1. Salihovic S, Dunder L, Lind M, Lind L. Assessing the performance of a targeted absolute quantification isotope dilution liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry assay versus a commercial nontargeted relative quantification assay for detection of three major perfluoroalkyls in human blood. Journal of Mass Spectrometry. 2024/02/01 2024;59(2):e4999. doi:

Immune Function

  1. Jewell DE, Tavener SK, Creech R, Panickar KS. Betaine and L-Carnitine Synergistically Influence the Metabolome and Immune Response in Dogs. Animals. // 2024;

Infectious Disease

  1. Mould DL, Finger CE, Conaway A, Botelho N, Stuut SE. Citrate cross-feeding by Pseudomonas aeruginosa supports lasR mutant fitness. Mbio. // 2024;doi:10.1128/mbio.01278-23
  2. Howard LM, Jensen TL, Goll JB. Metabolomic Signatures Differentiate Immune Responses in Avian Influenza Vaccine Recipients. The Journal of …. // 2024;doi:10.1093/infdis/jiad611/7511920
  3. Chouchane O, Schuurman AR. The Plasma Lipidomic Landscape in Patients with Sepsis due to Community-acquired Pneumonia. American Journal of …. // 2024;doi:10.1164/rccm.202308-1321OC


  1. Wu KC, McCauley KE, Lynch SV. Alteration in the gut microbiome is associated with changes in bone metabolism after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Journal of Bone and …. // 2024;doi:10.1093/jbmr/zjad017/7505092


  1. Ladakis DC, Harrison KL, Smith MD, Solem K. Bile acid metabolites predict multiple sclerosis progression and supplementation is safe in progressive disease. medRxiv. // 2024;doi:10.1101/2024.01.17.24301393.abstract
  2. Ito D, Iida M, Iguchi Y, Hashizume A, Yamada S. Dysregulated expanded endocannabinoid system as therapeutic targets of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. bioRxiv. // 2024;doi:10.1101/2024.01.12.575341.abstract
  3. Cox LM, Tatematsu BK, Guo L, LeServe DS. Gamma-delta T cells suppress microbial metabolites that activate striatal neurons and induce repetitive/compulsive behavior in mice. Brain, Behavior, and …. // 2024;
  4. Liu S, Zhong H, Zhu J, Wu L. Identification of blood metabolites associated with risk of Alzheimer’s disease by integrating genomics and metabolomics data. Molecular Psychiatry. // 2024;
  5. Nguyen PBH, Garger D, Lu D, Maalmi H, Prokisch H. The Interpretable Multimodal Machine Learning (IMML) framework reveals pathological signatures of distal sensorimotor polyneuropathy. bioRxiv. // 2024;doi:10.1101/2024.01.04.574164.abstract
  6. Hu J, Melchor GS, Ladakis D, Reger J. Myeloid cell-associated aromatic amino acid metabolism facilitates CNS myelin regeneration. NPJ Regenerative …. // 2024;

Respiratory Disease

  1. Price CE, Valls RA, Ramsey AR, Loeven NA, Jones JT. Intestinal Bacteroides modulates inflammation, systemic cytokines, and microbial ecology via propionate in a mouse model of cystic fibrosis. Mbio. // 2024;doi:10.1128/mbio.03144-23


  1. Liu W, Pratte KA, Castaldi P, Hersh C, Bowler RP. A Generalized Higher-order Correlation Analysis Framework for Multi-Omics Network Inference. bioRxiv. // 2024;doi:10.1101/2024.01.22.576667.abstract
  2. Li Y, Wong KY, Howard AG, Gordon-Larsen P. Mendelian randomization with incomplete measurements on the exposure in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos. Human Genetics and …. // 2024;
  3. Marco GD, Gherardi G, Mario AD, Piazza I. The mitochondrial ATP-dependent potassium channel (mitoKATP) controls skeletal muscle structure and function. Cell Death & …. // 2024;
  4. Wieder C, Cooke J, Poupin N, Frainay C, Bowler R. PathIntegrate: Multivariate modelling approaches for pathway-based multi-omics data integration. bioRxiv. // 2024;doi:10.1101/2024.01.09.574780.abstract
  5. Bai Y, Camargo CM, Glasauer SMK, Gifford R. Single-cell mapping of lipid metabolites using an infrared probe in human-derived model systems. Nature …. // 2024;


  1. Prince N, Liang D, Tan Y, Alshawabkeh A, Angel EE. Metabolomic data presents challenges for epidemiological meta-analysis: a case study of childhood body mass index from the ECHO consortium. Metabolomics. // 2024;doi:10.1007/s11306-023-02082-y
  2. Tipton M, Baxter BA, Pfluger BA. Urine and Dried Blood Spots From Children and Pregnant Women Reveal Phytochemicals, Amino Acids, and Carnitine Metabolites as Cowpea Consumption …. Molecular Nutrition & …. // 2024;doi:10.1002/mnfr.202300222
Ranga Sarangarajan, Ph.D.
Ranga leads Metabolon’s R&D teams to deliver metabolomics data and insights that expand and accelerate the impact of life sciences research in all its applications, including biopharma and diagnostics.


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