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Working with Metabolon: Bioinformatics

Metabolon’s William Lefew Ph.D. explains the importance bioinformatics plays in the collection, organization, and understanding of good data, as well as why it’s a key to Metabolon’s success.

Video Transcript

Bioinformatics at Metabolon is really novel because it's talking about the supporting of the experts at every level of the process. So when the sample comes, it goes through the instrument there's QC that's done on a human level and on a historical level and the bioinformatics supports that. It's done at the curation level where we leverage historical data to support the curators and make sure we make the same identifications, the same high quality calls every time. When we get to our Discovery and Translational Sciences, it's making sure that every bit of knowledge that we've ever published out there is leveraged to make sure that the best analysis is brought to our client station that day, the day after that, and the day after that and that's where a bioinformatics comes in, this is to support each and every one of those steps to make sure that the Metabolon product is always the same highest quality. Metabolon will take your sample, process it, have its library 5,300 compounds and analyze those data all in a streamlined fashion. The advantage of Metabolon's library of metabolites is; first, it's larger than anyone elses, you won't be able to go to any other place and find the breadth and scope of metabolites that you'd find at Metabolon. Secondly, these are Tier one identifications which what that means is what you see is what you get we have validated that these compounds are exactly what we claim they are, in their pure forms run on our platforms, and so when they're running through your samples and detected there, they're exactly what we claim. Metabolon is full of people in specialized roles but when you walk in the door at Metabolon, you're going to find people who like doing what they're doing, they do it because they want to expand the science, they want to solve hard problems they want to be part of something bigger than you would find in your normal for-profit company.

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