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Secret Weapon: Interrogating Host-Pathogen Interactions with Precision Metabolomics

Featuring Dr. Geoffrey Feld, Sr. Study Director at Metabolon

Microbes play an undeniable, integral role in human health. While resident microbiota influence health as symbiotes to the host, pathogenic microbes disrupt metabolic homeostasis, taxing the immune system and putting the host’s life in jeopardy.

A key readout of the host-pathogen interaction is the metabolome, the small molecules produced by both host and microbial processes that represent the output of biochemical pathways. During infection, the host immune system and the pathogen engage in a molecular “arms race”, deploying metabolic tactics to gain a strategic advantage.

Understanding how metabolites broker the host-microbe interaction requires precise bioanalytical measurement and a platform for interpreting the complex metabolomic data.

In this webinar, Dr. Geoffrey Feld describes how Metabolon’s unbiased global metabolomics approach can be leveraged to decipher infectious disease mechanisms and discover novel counter-measure strategies.

About Geoff Feld

Dr. Feld is a Senior Study Director at Metabolon. Dr. Feld earned his Ph.D in Biophysical Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. As a Senior Study Director on Metabolon’s Discovery & Translational Sciences team, Geoff analyzes, interprets, and reports on complex metabolomics data to help Metabolon’s clients understand “what’s going on under the hood” biochemically, drawing from his extensive research and work experience in structural biology, biochemistry, and medical writing.


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