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Working with Metabolon: Sample Handling

Metabolon Valerie Poole explains the sample collections team’s process. Having viable samples is an extremely important part of a successful study. Valerie shows us how far Metabolon’s team goes to ensure perfect sample collection to achieve the best study results.

Video Transcript

Metabolon sets the industry standard in sample collection because we have 20 years of experience in metabolomic studies. The way that we help our clients is that we have sample collection guidelines based on the sample type and the particular project as well as traceability requirements that help us with that. So the start of a good metabolomic study is the sample collection process. Making sure that you have
matrix type, the volume amounts, in the tube types that we're expecting so that we can process those samples in-house, and an efficient and high-quality manner. Our clients of course are worried about the sample collection process because they care about the quality of the data that they get at the end of their study. They ask lots of questions about what is the appropriate tube type. What volume do you need? We find that the clients really appreciate that we do have guidelines, and we make recommendations to help guide them in their sample collection so that they do get the quality results they're looking for.

So the four C's are the guiding principles for Metabolon and sample handling as part of three of those. So comparability is the idea that we can compare datasets whether that's based on geography, or a patient's treatments, and then we're able to also look at studies in the future. In regards to capacity, Metabolon has an advantage because we can use automation systems to help us process hundreds of thousands of samples. Metabolon is a leader in competency in metabolomics because we're the only ones doing this and we've been doing it for so long. We have the experts in the field and we're able to design your study in a manner that we can leverage that knowledge. The sample handling team they are a collaborative bunch. They are very innovative and looking for ways to improve the process on a daily basis and incorporate new technologies. The requirements to be on this team are a Bachelor of Science in the STEM field and a passion to drive quality results, and a passion to ensure that sample handling is priority number one with the samples at the door.

I think Metabolon does a fantastic job in improving the sample handling process. We're constantly looking at new technologies, and new ways of doing things so that we can improve on our efficiencies, our traceability, and ultimately the
quality of the data that the customer receives.

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