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Evaluation of Tissues Preserved in RNAlater for Metabolomics Analysis

Multiomic analysis allows for a holistic and comprehensive understanding of biology assisting in the identification and elucidation of biomarkers. As the need for multiomic analyses increases, there is a desire to develop biologically relevant metabolomic data from samples previously collected and stabilized for genomics and transcriptomics. RNAlater aims to stabilize cellular RNA by permeation into tissues, cells, and fecal samples enabling temporary storage at room temperature and alleviating the immediate need for sample processing and freezing. RNAlater stabilizes RNA by denaturing macromolecular enzymes such as DNase, RNase, and Proteases making it suitable for genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomics analyses. Historically, macromolecular stabilization buyers have been problematic in metabolomic analysis for a variety of reasons including ionization suppression and instrument contamination from highly abundant buffer components. This work aims to investigate the effects of sample storage in RNAlater on Metabolon’s Global Discovery Panel (untargeted metabolomics). A biological case study was simulated between adult and calf liver to investigate if biological signatures were maintained between fresh frozen and RNAlater treated samples. Additionally, RNAlater samples were evaluated for reproducibility, sensitivity, biochemical coverage, pathway coverage, and instrument contamination and carryover. Fill in the form to get access to the poster to learn more.


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