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Webinar: Meet Smart: Metabolon and DNA Genotek unveil new microbiome research innovations that will change how we view the gut microbiota

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The disruption of the gut microbiome is linked to a growing number of disease states. As we begin to learn about the complex interactions between hosts and the trillions of microbes that inhabit our bodies, the added complexity of the microbiome presents many challenges for those in the therapeutic development space (e.g., pharmaceuticals, live biotherapeutics, food supplements, etc.).

In this webinar, Metabolon, a world leader in metabolomics detection and interpretation, will reveal a new suite of metabolomics solutions that provide a unique view of host/microbe interactions through a dynamic visual interface that enables researchers to quickly see and understand important biological themes, causal relationships, and disease associations within their metabolomics data.

DNA Genotek, an industry-leading provider of biospecimen collection products for metagenomics and metabolomics, will detail the industry’s only fully validated ambient temperature feces collection device for metabolomics samples. This first-to-the-world device is helping to remove sample collection challenges that have historically hampered clinical trials.

Join Metabolon and DNA Genotek experts as we reveal new tools that demystify the microbiome and its impact on host health.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • How a functional metabolomics readout of the microbiome can complement other omics approaches to provide actionable insights that advance drug discovery and development
  • Metabolon’s newest advances in untargeted and targeted microbiome solutions, including the Microbiome SmartPanel™, GCP-validated targeted assays and a powerful, new visualization tool that illuminates important connections between microbial-derived metabolites and human health
  • DNA Genotek’s all-in-one system for gut metagenomics and metabolomics sample collection, offering the privacy and convenience of at-home collection while preserving the integrity of the microbial and metabolomic profile.

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