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Annual General Meeting 2024 of EFFAB & FABRE TP

  • Bologna, Italy
  • June 12-13, 2024

Metabolon is excited to participate in the Annual Meeting of EFFAB (European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders) and FABRE TP (Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction Technology Platform). This event is a strategic exchange linking science and policy to build the future of a diversified landscape of animal breeding.

Metabolomics, a cutting-edge field in biological research, offers profound insights into animal breeding. By analyzing the complete set of metabolites within organisms, metabolomics provides a holistic view of physiological processes, genetic variations, and environmental influences. In animal breeding, metabolomics serves as a powerful tool for phenotype characterization, aiding in the selection of superior breeding candidates. Metabolomic profiling enables the identification of metabolic signatures associated with desirable traits such as growth rate, disease resistance, and nutrient utilization efficiency. Through targeted breeding programs, this knowledge facilitates the development of livestock breeds with enhanced productivity, resilience, and quality. Furthermore, metabolomics allows for the discovery of biomarkers linked to complex traits, enabling early prediction of performance and health outcomes in animals. Integrating metabolomic data with genomic and phenotypic information enhances breeding strategies, accelerating genetic progress and promoting sustainability in agriculture. Ultimately, metabolomics revolutionizes animal breeding research by providing comprehensive insights into metabolic pathways and their regulatory mechanisms, fostering advancements in livestock production and welfare. Schedule a meeting to speak to one of our metabolomics experts at the event.

For more event information, you can read visit the official event website.

Event Location

Aula Magna – Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences – Viale G. Fanin
44-46, Bologna(Italy)
University of Bologna
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Why Metabolomics: Your Guide to Metabolomics

In this guide, we explore the ins and outs of one of the most powerful omics tools in any scientist’s toolbox, one that can complement any existing workflow and help realize the full potential of other omics methods: metabolomics.

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