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Editorial Policy

Learn more about our voice, commitment to our readers, and our editorial process.

Metabolon’s Voice

At Metabolon, our voice reflects our mission, values, culture, and promise to clients and team members. We work hard to ensure that these traits come through in all our website content. We state our position and back it up. We are clear and direct, humble and balanced. We acknowledge when we succeed as well as when we fail. We are constantly seeking and championing new breakthroughs in science, technology, and application.

Our Commitment to You

We know that metabolomics is complex and understand and appreciate that it takes a little time to master. We strive to simplify the path and explain the best way forward. To help our clients and team members do the best work of their lives, our goal is to inspire and push them to try new things by simplifying complex problems into easy-to-understand pieces.

Our Editorial Process

Our diverse team of scientific experts and professional writers craft each piece of content on our website. They conduct extensive research during the writing process and include relevant references and citations to help our readers see our sources.

We regularly review our content to ensure that it is accurate, it is up-to-date, and it reflects the latest developments in the metabolomics space. Product and application information, articles, case studies, and more are reviewed annually at a minimum by our team of experts.

Before publishing, our content is reviewed by a cross-functional team that includes our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), subject matter experts (SMEs), and representatives from our marketing, sales, legal, quality assurance, and regulatory affairs teams. This rigorous review process helps ensure that scientific statements are adequately supported with peer-reviewed references and that content is correct and accessible for your consumption.

Occasionally errors and types do occur; if you’ve found one, please reach out to our team.