Challenge: Globally, population health studies are dedicated to understanding difficult to answer questions about the human condition like aging and frailty, rare disease, vaccine response, nutrition and more. The focus of many of these studies has been on human genomics, which can show the risk of disease. However, this alone often leaves unanswered questions about the manifestation of illness.

Approach: Metabolomics, the study of metabolites in living systems, can instantaneously provide a snapshot of the entire physiology of a living being. It provides the full picture of a biological system enabling a deep understanding of health and disease, whether influenced by genes, the environment, epigenetics or the microbiome.

At Metabolon, we know that the most informative population health studies integrate multiple biologic data points - including longitudinal molecular and phenotypic measurements, as well as individual genome sequences - to better define health or wellness for each person, to predict disease transitions, and to target medical intervention. We anticipate that deep metabolic phenotyping of large national cohort programs will confidently identify fundamental factors in the development of major diseases, lead to the discovery of new biomarkers, and reveal novel targets for clinical intervention.

The insights delivered from metabolomics can be extremely illuminating because they show the biochemical pathways that manifest as illness. By measuring changes in metabolite levels and mapping them to the appropriate biochemical pathways, researchers and clinicians can better understand health and the influences of genes, microbiome, environment and drug treatment. Metabolomics is fundamental to unlocking the genome and delivering on the promise of multi-omics. It’s this approach that supports population health initiatives and gets our world closer to the goal of personalized medicine.


Depending on the needs of our client, Metabolon can tailor the Global Metabolomics offering. For academic clients with teams of biostatisticians and Ph.D. biologists who can interpret the data we can streamline and deliver data only, layering on statistical analysis and interpretation as needed.

The key is our capacity and coverage. Our capacity affords us the ability to process hundreds of thousands of samples quickly and cost-efficiently to service rapidly growing demand, while our coverage enables us to interrogate thousands of metabolites across diverse biochemical space, revealing new insights and opportunities. For more information on our 4Cs approach to metabolomics, click here.