Improving the Route from Early Discovery to Clinical Development

Most molecules that enter the clinical phase of drug development ultimately fail, and the reasons for these failures are varied and complex. In the discovery through preclinical stage of the process, it is vital to have confidence that a target is relevant in human disease and that the molecules directed against this target are potent, safe and efficacious. In many instances, accepted assays or biomarkers omit important pieces of information that lead to blind spots in decision-making.

Metabolomics is a powerful -omics science based on the comprehensive characterization of metabolites in any biological system. Unlike genomics, metabolomics measures phenotype and, therefore, reflects both the impact of genotype and external influences such as the action of a pharmaceutical.

Metabolism is a key component across nearly every treatment indication area including cardiovascular, diabetes, obesity, cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory, aging, neuroscience and the microbiome. Our Precision Metabolomics™ technology measures changes across the whole of metabolism with accuracy and precision and is leading to a paradigm shift in pharmaceutical drug discovery and preclinical development.

The comprehensive and meaningful assessment of the molecular phenotype supports informed decision-making across the pharmaceutical R&D continuum. Our powerful technology is increasingly used not only in the process of bringing a pharmaceutical successfully to market, but also in precision medicine.

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Broad Applications Across the Discovery & Preclinical Stages

Metabolomics applications for the drug discovery and preclinical phases are many.

  • Discovery through Target Selection
    • Novel biomarkers
    • Disease characterization
    • Target discovery
    • Mechanism of action
  • Lead through Candidate Selection
    • Lead optimization
    • Early toxicology & secondary effects
    • Candidate selection
  • Preclinical
    • Efficacy & PD biomarkers
    • Translatability
    • Drug off-target effect characterization

We also help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies improve quality, productivity and predictability of their processes for biologics production through application of our technology to bioprocessing.

Metabolomics, Lipidomics & Targeted assays

Metabolon offers a range of metabolomics solutions designed to accelerate drug discovery and preclinical research:

  • Precision Metabolomics offers a comprehensive, global coverage of metabolism, identifying on the order of 1,000 metabolites in a sample with exquisite precision.
  • If analysis of complex lipids is indicated, we have the capability to quantitatively measure more than 1,100 complex lipids with our Complex Lipid Panel™ and offer related lipid analysis tools.
  • We provide more than 150 off-the-shelf targeted assays involving more than 250 metabolites and the capability to rapidly develop novel, customized, sensitive assays to verify and validate discovery and/or for use in clinical trials. We have particular expertise in the development of metabolite biomarker panels.

After a drug candidate advances into clinical development, metabolomics can help there, too.