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Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are faced with unprecedented obstacles to drug discovery and development. In fact, about nine out of 10 drug candidates fail to reach the market. With costs and timelines increasing, many companies are seeking improved clarity across the R&D process.

Precision Metabolomics™ can build pharmaceutical R&D program confidence and reduce attrition by helping you select high-quality drug development targets, molecules and translatable biomarkers across all major therapeutic areas.

Our technology unlocks the power of the metabolome, offering critical insight into disease states, compounds and drug responses to advance pharmaceutical R&D. It can be used to help select the correct patient populations, pursue the right targets, and design more precise preclinical models for faster, more cost-efficient clinical development.

We have conducted thousands of metabolomics studies and work extensively with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. There are many applications of metabolomics for drug discovery and development. We offer a continuum of metabolomics services to meet your needs at every stage of R&D, from discovery metabolomics for preclinical studies, to targeted metabolomics-focused panels and custom-built clinical biomarker assays for clinical development.