Population health reflects the need to explore the health of large cohorts to better understand the underlying nature of wellness and disease to realize the potential of precision medicine. Massive academic and government-led initiatives are underway around the world to collect genetic and biological samples and a wide variety of health information from large groups of people.

Over the next few years, this information will build into a powerful database to help researchers and health care providers enhance wellness and treat disease. This approach extends beyond genomic medicine, because genes and their products seldom act alone, but in networks with other genes and small molecules and in the context of the environment.

Population health studies will integrate multiple biologic data points - including longitudinal molecular and phenotypic measurements, as well as individual genome sequences - to better define health or wellness for each person, to predict disease transitions, and to target medical intervention. We anticipate that deep metabolic phenotyping of large national cohort programs will confidently identify fundamental factors in the development of major diseases, lead to the discovery of new biomarkers, and reveal novel targets for clinical intervention.

Our Population Health team works with researchers who are conducting large population studies, epidemiology studies and disease consortia. We aim to establish Metabolon as the leading provider of metabolomics data for these large-scale, multi-omics initiatives. Based on our engagement with these groups, there is no doubt that large-scale metabolomics is now a reality for pioneering programs such as the UK Biobank, Million Veteran Program and TOPMed. These exciting programs are laying the foundation for using precision medicine in clinical practice, and our metabolomics technology and data will be essential for making this a reality.