Researchers are fiercely driven to advance science. And, advancing science is at the core of contributing to basic knowledge and its practical implementation for the betterment of the world. It also is the lifeblood of impactful publications and strong funding for academic studies.

Novel Insights Create Breakthroughs

New technologies produce a staggering quantity of data at the atomic and molecular level. However, while these data are valuable in scientific exploration, the race to results is ultimately through deep functional understanding and the associated biomarkers of the system under investigation.

Metabolomics is the comprehensive characterization of metabolites in any biological or cellular system and reflects both the impact of allelic variation in a genome and changes to the environment of the cell, tissue, organ or organism. This technology is essential for understanding living systems, how treatments work on them, and for linking this insight with any other source of data. 

Because metabolomics is closer to phenotype than genomics or transcriptomics, it gives a clearer picture of phenotype at the time of measurement. It also provides biomarkers of changes in biological status in response to developing chronic disease and biological perturbation, such as drug treatment, infection and dietary change.

A Catalyst to Scientific Advancement

Metabolomics performed with precision and accuracy is a revolutionary technology for researchers. Uniquely, our knowledge-building Precision Metabolomics™ has the fundamental ingredients to propel academic studies:

  • High breadth coverage of the metabolome
  • Accurate identification and quantitation of metabolites
  • Rich, highly-curated pathway annotation of metabolites
  • Data interpretation infrastructure for abstracting information from the data

Our metabolomics solutions are extensive, exhaustive and encompass all of metabolism. This advanced technology helps answer a wide variety of research questions.

Quality Matters

Precision Metabolomics gives you confidence that your study results are reproducible and reliable, precise and accurate, and comprehensive and comprehensible. Metabolon has a long history with academic studies, resulting in high-impact publications, such as Nature and Science, covering a broad range of areas from cell biology through to the study of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, neuroscience, plant biology, microbiome and many more. Over 7,000 studies have resulted in an unmatched depth of understanding of metabolism that is second to none.

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

We understand the unique needs of researchers in academic and government organizations. Our team can assist with letters of support, grant proposal resources, study design consultation and expert interpretation to make your metabolomics study a success. Our process is designed to deliver outstanding insights.

We offer three routes to metabolite identification and quantification: global metabolomics, global lipidomics, and targeted assays. To learn more, visit our Metabolomics Solutions page.