Detailed Metabolic Information from One Analysis

Clinicians today use the most advanced health information and data analysis available to solve their undiagnosed and most difficult-to-diagnose patient cases. Even if they cannot find answers, doctors need information that will guide their efforts to treat their patients. They recognize the importance of genomic, metabolic and phenotypic information to truly understand human health.

Metabolon's technology fits perfectly with the desire to shift from investigative to actionable and from generalized to personalized approaches. Let us show you how Meta UDx™ can become an invaluable tool for understanding your adult and pediatric patients' conditions.

About Meta UDx

Meta UDx is an advanced biochemical analysis that provides unbiased metabolomic data. It can detect relatively unexpected levels of metabolites that are associated with diseases or disorders. The analysis looks for biomarkers or biochemical pathway alterations that may be indicative of metabolic effects that help elucidate answers for undiagnosed diseases or disorders.

Requiring only 250 μL of EDTA plasma from 8-hour fasted patients, Meta UDx uses our proprietary analytics and informatics to detect up to 1,000 metabolites across diverse metabolite classes and pathways.

In adults, results are statistically compared against a reference population of 300 fasted, self-reported healthy individuals. In children, the results are statistically compared against a reference population of 866 fasted, healthy individuals.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive metabolic profile leads to better phenotypic understanding
  • Time & cost-efficient - one assay is a broad screen and can guide the selection for targeted confirmatory testing
  • Detects underlying pathway or biomarker anomalies not measurable by other means
  • Highlights the most profound biochemical pathway disturbances
  • Identifies possible path forward for additional testing for disease confirmation and treatment
  • Can be used to monitor treatment-related metabolites

For more information, please contact us at or 1.844.363.META (1.844.363.6382).