Challenge: In our quest to advance the field of precision medicine for disease prevention, diagnosis and management, we must first understand function at a population health level.

Approach: Today, the use of our metabolomics technology to impact human health is more compelling than ever. Metabolomics plays a pivotal role in precision medicine because all diseases are metabolic. There is almost always a physiological manifestation that is reflected in the patient's metabolites. While genomics may reveal disease risk, Precision Metabolomics™ can provide a snapshot of the current state of health and actionable information to advance clinical decision-making. Metabolon’s technology is supporting numerous population health studies globally that are investigating areas like frailty in aging, skin health, microbiome health, rare disease, etc.

This work will only continue to enhance our ability to support clinicians who are monitoring patients' health and diagnosing disease, enabling them to make the best treatment decisions for an individual based on their unique characteristics, including their metabolomic profile, at the right time. Our technology can streamline the healthcare providers' ability to understand the basis of an individual's health, disease and treatment response using a single metabolomic-based test enhances their ability to achieve this objective.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver those insights quickly and accurately using our patented metabolomics-based technology and clinically validated tests.


Pediatric Screening  

  • MetaIMD™ 

Adult Screening

  • QuantoseIR
  • QuantoseIGT
  • MetaUDX