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Precision medicine is an emerging approach for disease prevention, diagnosis and management that considers each persona's individual variability in genes, biochemical profile, environment and lifestyle. Today, the ability of our metabolomics technology to impact human health is becoming more compelling than ever as the promise of precision medicine rapidly approaches a reality.

On a certain level, all diseases are metabolic; there is almost always a physiological manifestation that is reflected in the patient's metabolites. While genomics may reveal disease risk, Precision Metabolomics may provide a snapshot of the current state of health and actionable information to advance clinical decision-making.

Unmatched Technology & Clinically Validated Metabolomics-Based Tests

Monitoring patients' health, diagnosing disease and making the best treatment decisions for an individual based on their unique characteristics, including their metabolomic profile, enables healthcare providers to provide the right care, to the right patient at the right time. Streamlining healthcare providers' ability to understand the basis of an individual's health, disease and treatment response using a single metabolomic-based test will enhance their ability to achieve this objective.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver those insights quickly and accurately using our patented metabolomics-based technology and clinically validated tests.

The strength of our technology is supported by more than 1,000 publications, including leading peer-reviewed journals such as Nature, JAMA and PNAS. Using our platform as the foundation, we develop and deliver metabolomics-based, clinically validated Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) through our CLIA-certified and College of American Pathologists accredited lab.

Bringing Metabolomics to Medicine

Metabolon's META IMD is a novel test for assessing up to 70 inherited metabolic disorders using one small plasma sample. Our growing precision medicine pipeline is focused on tests that provide metabolic insights that aid in diagnosis and promoting and maintaining wellness.

Our industry leading metabolomics technology platform and data are generating new insights into inherited metabolic disorders and other rare and undiagnosed diseases. Our platform also is being used by the world's top pharmaceutical companies, precision medicine innovators such as Health Nucleus and Arivale, and national and regional population health studies led by innovative research organizations such as the University of Cambridge.