Metabolon is committed to helping you harness the power of metabolomics to achieve your research goals.  

Our client-centric process starts and ends with you: we strive to help you meet objectives, overcome challenges, and gain the knowledge you need to proceed with confidence.

With over 15 years of metabolomics experience, thousands of studies completed to date, and an accomplished team of Ph.D. metabolomics experts, Metabolon has the institutional knowledge and proven best practices to help move your research forward. 

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Aligning for Success
Combining your scientific expertise with our institutional knowledge and proven best practices promotes successful outcomes. Our Ph.D. metabolomics experts offer scientific consultation to help you identify the appropriate scope, scale and design for your project to produce the highest quality results. We offer a study consultation for all our projects, and the process is simple and focused on your goals.

Leverage proven best practices
We have experience successfully processing of hundreds of sample types to provide our clients with proven best practices for sample collection, handling and shipping. Each client receives a detailed sample preparation protocol and logistical guidance to ensure that all samples are properly collected, stored and shipped. Our team of experts is always available to help answer any questions you may have.

Maximize knowledge and advance discovery with exceptional data
Metabolon’s industry-leading metabolomics technology and highly reproducible methods allow us to accurately identify a remarkable quantity of diverse metabolites from nearly any sample type. All samples are processed under stringent SOPs, and the data is rigorously quality controlled to ensure its accuracy. This combination of breadth-of-coverage and data quality maximize the potential for success.

Identify key insights within massively complex data
Metabolomics generates an extraordinary amount of data that can be complicated and time consuming to interpret. Through thousands of studies, Metabolon has developed the expertise, infrastructure and unique bioinformatics solutions to quickly and accurately extract the key findings from the data and help you define a tractable path forward. As our client, you retain intellectual property rights to all the data created while working with Metabolon. Your project’s deliverables (including statistical data, reports and custom-image files) are accessible through the MetaboLync® Client Portal, a cloud-based Web application that allows you to view and share your results and access a variety of custom-built data visualization and analysis tools that empower deeper understanding.

Clear signals to direct decisions
From our initial consultation to the delivery of results, the entire process of working with Metabolon is designed to empower informed decision-making. This approach has helped hundreds of clients across a wide variety of research applications, as evidenced by the more than 800 publications we have co-authored with our clients. 

Submit an inquiry to find out more about how our metabolomics services can help take you from concept to confidence.