Today's consumers demand demonstrated evidence of product efficacy, safety and quality. Providing this evidence can be difficult, however, since materials ingested or applied to the body may interact with many metabolic targets, pathways and functions.

Metabolomics is beneficial to Applied Markets, which include consumer goods, skin care and cosmetics, nutrition, and agriculture research, by accelerating the development of healthier, safer foods and personal care products. We also work with leading agricultural organizations who are breeding more productive, disease-resistant plants by unraveling the complex pathways that drive these characteristics.

Precision Metabolomics™ helps human and animal nutrition, agriculture, consumer goods & dermatology researchers:

  • Identify the biological basis by which components promote benefit & wellness
  • Identify biomarkers of efficacy
  • Demonstrate efficacy & determine level for desired effect
  • Establish & support claims
  • Assess stability & bioavailability
  • Demonstrate safety of the functional component

Our proprietary screening technology and metabolite library of known and novel metabolites allow us to offer the most comprehensive metabolomics solutions available for Applied Markets.

We also offer targeted metabolomics focusing on specific pathways or functions, including two panels specifically for skin care and cosmetics product research: the Sebum Panel and the Stratum Corneum panel.

  • Stratum Corneum Panel: measures more than 350 individual lipid metabolites found in stratum corneum, including free fatty acids, cholesterol sulfate, ceramides, dihydroceramides and phytoceramides.
  • Sebum Lipid Panel: measures 937 individual lipid species from five lipid classes, including wax esters and squalene. The fatty acids comprising the complex lipid classes are largely unique to skin metabolism and include odd and branched-chain fatty acids, and a high concentration of the unusual sapienic acid (16:1n10) and its metabolites.