February 18, 2020 - February 20, 2020
Manchester, UK

Presentations by:

Vinay Pawar, Field Application Scientist, Metabolon, Inc.
Precision Metabolomics: A Leading Tool For Biomarker Discovery
February 19, 2020 at 1:50 PM

Researchers continue to identify and refine approaches to detect and characterize biomarkers to support precision diagnostics, drug responsiveness and disease progression. Traditional clinical and diagnostic assays are limited in the results and type of compounds
that can be detected and measured in one test. Therefore, clinicians are presented with the challenge that a single biomarker is not always dependable for diagnostic, prognostic or predictive purposes. Interest continues to grow in untargeted metabolomics as the technology provides reliable insights on phenotypic changes, making the ‘omic an excellent option for discovering clinically relevant biomarkers. These small molecules support the process of diagnosis, drug efficacy, toxicity and more, leading clinicians and researcher to increase their reliance on metabolomic insights for their decision-making process. This talk will profile case studies based on Metabolon’s Precision Metabolomics™ platform that have
led to biomarker discovery for appropriate diagnosis and predicting patient response to therapeutics.

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