Metabolon is a sponsor of the Biomarkers Congress being held in Manchester, UK from February 15-16, 2018.  You’ll find us at booth #15.

Also, please join us for our podium presentation:

Metabolomics as a Leading Technology in Biomarker Discovery


Thursday, February 15, 2018


Presented by Brian Keppler, PhD

Associate Director, Project Management, Metabolon, Inc.


Join us for this informative presentation where we’ll discuss how:


  • Metabolites are sensitive indicators of homeostatic changes and are tightly coupled to the phenotype, making them excellent candidates for biomarkers. Metabolites also play a crucial role in the signaling and regulation of genes, proteins and microbiota, making metabolomics an ideal complement for other forms of ‘omics research.
  • Metabolomics is a powerful tool and has emerged as a leading technology for biomarker discovery to facilitate early diagnosis of disease, prediction of disease progression, monitoring/predicting patient responses to medicines, identification of new drug targets and toxicity profiles.
  • Metabolon is an accomplished leader in the field of metabolomics.  Our metabolomics services rage from broad to targeted and are commonly utilized within a variety of applications across diverse areas of research in discovery biology, pharmaceutical R&D, clinical trials, nutrition, bioprocessing and cell culture science. 

Manchester Central Convention Complex
Manchester M2 3GX