The fountain of youth is what most people desire as they begin to notice faint lines of wisdom. Factors from a person’s biology or genetics to their environment and lifestyle, including sleep habits, alter metabolite levels affecting the health and appearance of skin. These mechanisms lead to the aging process long before we see the impact on our skin.


Estee Lauder Companies is leveraging metabolomics, with circadian rhythm, to deepen its knowledge of skin conditions to improve the health of aging skin. Estee Lauder Companies presented their findings at the World Congress of Dermatology 2019 in Milan, Italy, during a symposium titled “Metabolomics as a New Diagnostic to Assess Skin Health” on Wednesday, June 12, 2019. The poster can be viewed here.


During the symposium, renowned circadian rhythm expert Paolo Sassone-Corsi, Ph.D., of the University of California - Irvine, highlighted how circadian cycles impact almost every element of our biology, including skin health. Next, Metabolon’s Kirk Beebe, Ph.D., presented how Metabolon’s Precision Metabolomics platform can provide deep insight into an array of biological processes surrounding skin health. Bringing it all together, Estee Lauder Companies Vice President of Skin Biology & BioActives, Nadine Pernodet, Ph.D., presented results of the first ever metabolomics study demonstrating temporal facial skin metabolome differences in young and mature skin, with and without treatment in vivo, using non-invasive methods.

What is the key takeaway?

Skin Metabolites Rhythm_Kirk.png“Figure 8 in the poster presentation says it all,” says Dr. Beebe. “It shows that with proper treatment, the rhythmicity for many of the skin metabolites can be reestablished, helping to synchronize skin with its natural youthful rhythm of dynamic repair. The blue line denotes young skin, the red is for mature, and the green represents mature skin treated with Estee Lauder’s night repair. These are powerful metabolomic insights.”


In a recent press release, Estee Lauder Companies notes it is the first in the industry to use metabolomics with time to more thoroughly understand factors of skin repair efficiency and damage accumulation and their relationship to skin circadian rhythm. The company plans to continue to apply this knowledge to formulate products that can address and improve optimal skin processes, leading to younger-looking skin. #thenightisyours.


At Metabolon, we realize the importance of metabolomics in understanding skin biology and have invested a tremendous effort in developing methods and tools for skin research. The tools we use for skin analysis, such as skin biopsies and tape strips, will not only promote a better understanding of the basic principles governing skin biology but will also become a frontline approach for understanding the complex interaction between the host and microbiota that govern skin health.


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