The 64th American Society for Mass Spectrometry annual conference (ASMS) took place last week in San Antonio, TX. This meeting is always an important one for us. This year was no exception as our collaboration with SCIEX featured significant advances for lipidomics through our joint development of the Lipidyzer™ platform. Metabolon scientists also presented new data on the development and validation of the analytical method for our Quantose™ IGT diagnostic for impaired glucose tolerance.

The Lipidyzer Platform: A Multi-Lab Validation Project

Metabolon’s Dr. Anne Evans gave this presentation at a breakfast seminar sponsored by SCIEX. The Lipidyzer is a start-to-finish lipidomics solution that analyzes more than 1,100 lipid species across 13 lipid classes. We set out to validate the precision, sensitivity and accuracy of the platform in a cross-site project. 

The goal was to have similar RSD profile to benchmark platform, specifically an average of <10% RSD for lipid species at or above 1µM at all sites.

The goal was to consistently detect hundreds of lipid species across all lipid classes at all sites.

The goal was to be accurate within +/- 20% µM of quantitative data from the benchmark platform in biological sample sets. 

We were able to demonstrate that the Lipidyzer platform is reproducible and accurate across sites:

•    Over 700 individual lipid species were detected with <20% RSD over multiple days and sites 
•    The average total assay RSD was <10% for lipid species at or above 1µM concentration in plasma
•    The platform was accurate with a strong agreement (R2>0.8) of determined lipid species concentrations in multiple biological data sets and accurate to within +/- 20% of a benchmark method